Friday, December 17, 2010

Delays, Delays, Delays....

I am sitting here in MCO (Orlando International Airport) waiting on our flight back to Baltimore..... and all we keep hearing are delays, delays, and more delays.

I am not sure what the reason is.... maybe the bad weather back home or the high volume of travelers but I don't like it at ALL!

When Rusty and I first arrived to the airport we saw that our flight was delayed by about 20mins (not too bad) and then it was moved to 45mins (ahh, not too good) and now we are up to 65mins (getting pretty bad). I hope they are done updating us on delays. I guess I can't feel too bad- the people that are sitting near us are already delayed four hours!!

Hopefully we will get on our way soon and we will be back in snowy, cold Pennsylvania! The one good thing about getting home is getting to see these wonderful little faces that have missed us.....

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