Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I Hate Driving in the Snow!!!

I hate several things- rude people, micro-managers (hmm, I don't know any of those...), and people who don't take care of their animals- but that I will save that for another blog. Today, we are going to talk about driving in the snow. I want to make one thing clear- I don't hate driving in the snow because I am scared or worried!! I hate driving in the snow because of how dumb people act while they are driving!!!!!!!!!! If you live in northern MD or southern PA, you should at least know how to drive in a couple inches of snow!!!!
I was at work on Saturday afternoon when the snow began to fall- the weather man was not really calling for too much snow, but then again they are never right! I got all my work done at the hospital and left around 4pm. It took about ten minutes to clean my car off and then I was on my way. We had about 5 or so inches on the ground- not really THAT bad! However, you would have thought that we were driving in blizzard conditions!!! People were driving at about 10MPH and slamming on their breaks every time they went down a hill or hit a large patch of snow!!! Now, I am not saying that I am the best driver out there (because I know that I am NOT) but I think most people should know that slamming on your breaks while going down a snow covered hill is not the best idea!!! These same people then freak out and go about 5MPH when their car slides all over the place from them breaking down a snow covered hill, not to mention that it makes everyone else behind you have to do the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then there are the other people who think that they are so cool in their 4-wheel drive SUV's and trucks that they think it is necessary to go like 70 and 80MPH and slide all over the place!!! I don't understand why people can't just take it a little slower (not TOO slow) and drive like normal people!!! Last but not least, why do people think its a good idea to play on their phone and/or i-pod in these weather conditions??? I am sorry to say, but you are just asking for trouble!!!
All in all, it took me about two hours to get home (should have taken about 50minutes). However, I got home safe and sound..... only to find out that at my house we only got a dusting!!!! Sorry for all the negative thoughts- just had to get it out there for all my loyal blog readers ;)

Friday, January 29, 2010


I was trying to think about different topics that I could blog about and I kept coming back to this one- probably because of the peer pressure I got from Ashley :) Anyway, Rusty and I just recently went to Walt Disney World for my birthday! We were there for about a week and had such a wonderful time!!! When we were there for our honeymoon (October, 2008) we became Disney Vacation Club members, which allows us to go and stay in any hotel at Disney for free (we just use our vacation points). It is a pretty sweet deal- not only can we stay at any Disney resort but there are also about 500 different places we could go all around the world and use our points. So far we have just been to Disney, but we plan to travel all over soon!
But enough about the vacation club- lets talk about our trip to Disney! Like I said, we went down for my 25th birthday! We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge Resort- it was very nice! Our only complaint was the bed was a little hard for our liking!

Here is a picture of our resort- it was very nice! Made you feel like you were in the middle of the wilderness!

We went to all the parks- Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. Although I enjoy all of the parks, my favorite park of all time is the Magic Kingdom. Just so happens that is where Rusty proposed to me as well. We were eating dinner up in Cinderella's castle and he popped the big question- complete with a glass slipper!!! Some of my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom include space mountain, splash mountain, pirates, haunted mansion, and peter pan :) Another all time favorite of mine is the fireworks over the castle- nothing completes a day at the park than watching Tinkerbell fly over the castle and then the show of lights that follows!

Not the best picture, but here is the castle during the start of the fireworks, it is suppose to look like two shooting stars. The theme of the fireworks was "wishes".

Some of my other favorite rides include Rockin Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios, Soarin at Epcot, and the Kali River Rapids and Expedition Everest at the Animal Kingdom. It was a great time for us to visit Disney World- there were hardly any lines so we got to ride all of our favorite rides over and over :)

Here is us with Belle in Epcot, one of my favorite Disney movies- Beauty and the Beast!

Another great thing about Disney is all the good food you get to eat. We ate at some of the best restaurants!!! We ate at 50's Prime Time Cafe which has the best pot roast and smores dessert. We ate at an awesome Italian place- Mama Melrose which has some awesome food! We ate at this place called Ohana, which had some very good Hawaiian food- including grilled shrimp, pork, beef, and turkey! Those are just some of my favorites- lets just say we did not go hungry on our vacation!!!

Here is one last picture for your enjoyment!!! Happy Disney Memories :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Work Adventures....

Hello All :)
I write this blog from my desk in the emergency room where I am working tonight. Every once and awhile I will cover the evening social work position at a hospital in Baltimore- it keeps my life interesting (to say the least). This evening has been pretty good- not too crazy. I always end up leaving with a new appreciation for the life that I am able to live!!!
When you work as the evening social worker you are responsible for covering the Emergency Room and the rest of the hospital- it can get very busy some nights!!! Whether it be helping the mentally ill, drug addicted, teen mothers, abuse victims, homeless, or elderly- the evenings are always filled with something good!! Even though the evenings can sometimes get very busy and crazy, I enjoy doing the work. There is something very rewarding about helping those who are less fortunate. Some of these people have never had someone who is truly there to help them and just seeing the appreciation in their faces makes everything worth while!
This evening, I was fortunate enough to have a rather calm evening. I helped a homeless person get some much needed medication and get to a shelter (on this very cold evening!), helped an elderly man get into hospice care, and assisted a police officer who had been injured on the job! Overall, a pretty slow evening at the hospital! It allowed me some time to blog to all of my favorite blog readers (all three of you haha).
I hope you enjoyed- now it is time for be to get out of the Baltimore City and back into rural PA :) Byebye for now!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Way Too Much TV.....

I know that I have not written a blog update in some time.... so today as I was sitting in the recliner watching TV with the laptop on my lap, I decided that I would do some updating to my blog site. I started off by updating my profile information (that I never did when I started this whole blog thing). One of the questions that the profile section asked was about movies- I started to list some of my favorite movies and realized that I have more favorite TV shows than movies!!! After starting to list all of the TV shows that I watch it became very obvious to me that I watch way too much TV (hence the title of this blog....)

I thought that I would share with everyone else just how sad that my life has become by listing all of the TV shows that I keep I attempt to keep up with on a weekly basis!!! Before I move onto the list, I want to put out one BIG disclaimer!!! Before I married and moved in with Rusty I only kept up with one show- Greys Anatomy. Rusty was always a big TV person, while I never had any time to watch TV... I always busy studying for either college or grad school.

However, all of this changed when I finally finished with school and Rusty introduced me to the world of reality shows!!! Thanks to him, I am now a TV junky :)

Here is a list of TV shows that I enjoy watching....
1. Amazing Race
2. Big Bang Theory
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. Accidentally on Purpose (when I am able)
5. American Idol
6. Biggest Loser
8. Army Wives
9. Real Housewives of New Jersey
10. Survivor
11. Greys Anatomy
12. 24 (just started watching Season One on DVD)
13. Office
14. Little Couple

I know, I know this is very sad.... is anyone else this bad??? I would love to hear from others who are this addicted to TV or just to hear what shows other people enjoy watching!! I guess I also need to mention that I enjoy watching reruns of The Golden Girls (all time favorite TV show) and 90210 when I am able!!!

Until next time...byebye!!!