Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ABC's of Monica

A. AREA CODE : 410

B. BED SIZE: King, wouldn't have it any other way- I need my own space when I sleep!!

C. CHORE YOU HATE: cleaning toilets- GROSS!!!

D. DOG'S NAME: Snickers and Sophia

E. ESSENTIAL "START THE DAY!" ITEM: Water- not really a coffee person....only when I am super,super sleepy

F. FAVORITE COLOR: orange and purple


H. HEIGHT: 5'7"

I. INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY: ummmm recorder??? In elementary school, does that count???

J. JOB: Hospice Social Worker

K. KIDS: no human kids- just two furry babies :)

L. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: single family home with the husband and two pups in PA

M. MOM'S NAME: Sheila


O. OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY: once when I was two (dehydration) and again when I was 20 (surgery)

P. PET PEEVE: people with double standards

Q. QUOTE FROM A MOVIE: "Chicka Chicka Yea, Fake ID Fake ID" McLovin, Superbad
LOVE, LOVE this movie!!!!!


S. SIBLINGS: two sisters- Amy and Jenny.

T. TIME YOU WAKE UP: 5:40am- way too early for my enjoyment!

U. UNDERWEAR: always- all different kinds

V. VEGGIE YOU DISLIKE: peas and lima beans

W. WAYS/REASONS YOU ARE LATE: usually because of Rusty.... sorry babe :(

X. XRAYS YOU'VE HAD: ummm lets see- left arm (when I broke it), knee (when I had water on my knee from injury), head, ankle (from my surgery), teeth.... I think that's about it

Y. YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE: ummmm well- cupcakes, chicken casserole, tacos, baked ziti, and oreo dirt pie

Z. Zoo Animal You Love: Monkeys- they can always make you smile :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Decisions, Decisions....and some coupons on the side!

Have you ever had a really big decision to make?? You think you know what you want, but then you start to second guess yourself....I hate that feeling. I seem to over think EVERYTHING, which does not help when you have decisions to make!!

What do you guys do when you have these big decisions to make??? I tend to make a pro and con list for all the possible decisions... helps you look at each option from every angle. I also try to listen to my heart, which is sometimes hard (especially if you are not sure what your heart is telling you...)

I know that things will work out, the way they are suppose to. I just have to give myself time to make the right decision that I am going to feel comfortable with.

On a side note... I had off today. My three day weekend was WONDERFUL! I only wish the weather was a little nicer. I spent the day running some errands and taking care of some business.

I went to the grocery store today and made history!! As you all might remember from my previous post, "Just Call me Coupon Queen", I am really into using coupons to save some extra money!! Today I planned my trip to the grocery store based on the coupons I had, the sales at the store, and our needs. I am pleased to announce that for the first time I saved more than I spent today!!! My bill started off at $90 before I used my bonus card. After using my bonus card it went down to $70, then after using my coupons it went down to $44.76- which means that I saved $45.24!!! My ultimate goal was to save more than I spent, which I accomplished! Some of this is thanks to my $10 off coupon that I had if you spent more than $40, but still I accomplished my goal :) Thanks again Jodi for the coupon motivation!!!!

I also had some fun today with my nephew Huntington! I went over to my mom's house, where he was spending the night, and dyed some Easter eggs with him! We had a good time. He enjoyed dropping the eggs in the dye and making different colors with the food dye! It always amazes me how innocent and fun-loving a three year old can be!!!

It is back to work tomorrow for me- At least it is only a four day work week and then another nice weekend to come :)

Friday, March 26, 2010


I can not remember the last time I was this excited for a weekend!!!! Not only do I have just about nothing work related to do for the weekend, but I also have off monday. A THREE DAY WEEKEND FOR ME :) After this week, I am in major need of some much needed ME time!!!!!!!!!!! I plan to do a lot of relaxing this weekend and on Monday.
Tonight, Rusty and I are going out to dinner with our neighbors to a little cafe in our town. Nothing too fancy, but they have really good cream of crab soup (this is what I am most looking forward to). We then plan to catch up on some 24- we have gone all week without watching an episode!!! Can you tell we have been busy...
Tomorrow, I am taking the pups over my parents house. My dad has to work, so my mom and I are going to hang out for the day. We have not had any girl time (plus the pups) in awhile, so it will be nice. We plan to get some chinese food for lunch and maybe a little shopping- sounds like a good time to me :) Saturday evening Rusty and I plan to do a lot of NOTHING.... he has to work on Saturday so we will probably just lay around and relax- we are an exciting couple, huh?
Sunday, we will probably do some chores around the house and get ready for the week. Sunday afternoon we are going to go see Mike, Jenn, and Luke (Rusty's brother's family). Luke's (our nephew) second birthday was last week, so we will be celebrating his big day!!
Then Monday I have off, which just to remind everyone again, means a three day weekend for me!!!!!!!!! It is a very rare occurance for me, so when it happens I have to get very excited about it!!!! It will make for a wonderful weekend!
My goal for next week is to have some more exciting blog topics.... ideas are welcome!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!!

My Nephew Huntington and my Dad looking out the airport window, getting ready to leave Disney World. I just love this picture, I think its so cute!
All this week, I have been texting my friend Alex who is currently in Disney. All the talk about Disney made me want to take a look back at some of my Disney pictures and REALLY want to visit soon!!! Thanks a lot Alex...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beauty Queen and King!!!

Snickers and Sophia were in need of a good hair cut.... so this evening they went to see Ms. Jenn (their groomer at Petsmart) and got the whole deal done!!! Bubble bath, cut, style, and a wonderful smelling finish spray!!!! They live a pretty good life!!! Here is a picture of them nice and pretty :) They had a hard time standing still for the picture, they were waiting for a treat haha. Not the best picture... and I have no idea why Snickers eyes are glowing...

For their reward, they got a dental stick... they love them. I am not sure if they realize they are actually healthy for them.... if only it as that easy for us when we are trying to eat healthy food haha

I think the cutest thing of the evening was little Snickers who just loves to go see Ms. Jenn. While we were driving to Petsmart and were coming up on the intersection of the store, Snickers started recognizing where he was and started to cry out of excitement. It was so cute.... he got even more excited once we turned into the shopping center!!! I have never seen a dog that enjoys going to the groomers.... but nothing surprises me with my dogs!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome Spring..... and yes I am Alive!!

I want everyone to know (well all my blog readers) that I am alive! I know it had been awhile since my last post (Tuesday), so needless to say I am much overdue!! I have been super busy the past week!
Enough about being busy- how about this wonderful weather we are having!!!??? I just love it! I have been able to drive home from work with my top down on my car just about everyday this week!!! I absolutely love it!!! Thank goodness that Friday was a nice day and I was able to cruise home with the top down.... it made my TERRIBLE ride home a little better. Traffic was terrible on 83 (accident) which ended up taking me over two hours to get home!!! Talk about annoying.... especially on a Friday night!!!
Rusty and I have been enjoying this nice weather by taking full advantage of our deck. We built our deck at the end of the summer last year and were not able to use it too much before the weather got cold, so we have been loving life this past week. We have enjoyed dinner outside on the deck just about every night- the dogs even love it!! Friday night Julie came over and enjoyed some dinner with us outside and then Sunday night our neighbors came over for a cook out!! We even watched some episodes of 24 on our lap top outside.... does that make us dorks??? If so.... too bad, we had a good time!
Nothing else too exciting going on- just watching Amazing Race and then heading to bed to start another work week!!! Have a good week :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Here Comes The Sun"

What a wonderful Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so nice to see the bright, wonderful sun shining today. We have had too many snowy or rainy days than I care to remember. So, much to my surprise I walked out of work to enjoy some nice warm, sunny weather. The temperature in my car said 66 degrees! Which only meant one thing.... a wonderful drive with the top down :) It was so nice to have the sun warming my face and the wind in my hair! I can not wait until spring and summer- best time for my wonderful little car!!!

Rusty was lucky enough to get off of work early this afternoon which allowed him to really enjoy the nice weather. He had some time out on our new deck with the pups! Here is a picture of the pups enjoying the deck- they loved playing with their toys and laying in their bed, soaking up the sun!

Here is another pictures for your enjoyment. The other day Sophia fell asleep on Rusty's lap in this position- we had to take a picture, enjoy :)

Now we are just sitting here and enjoying some good TV shows- 24, American Idol, and LOST!!!! Tuesdays are great nights for TV!

One a side note- I have found a new love, yogurt covered raisins! They are soooo good! The funny thing is, I have never liked raisins until I found this new love. I guess everyone/everything changes with time....

Now, here is the video that inspired the title of this blog. Just listening to it puts a smile on my face, and I hope yours too!!!! I am not a huge Beatles fan, but this a good, classic song!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just Call me Coupon Queen!

A big thank you to Jodi for my extra coupon motivation. I have always tried to use coupons when possible,after all it is a great way to save a buck or two. After Jodi posted two posts about coupon savings, it gave me some extra motivation for my coupon adventure!! Thank you Jodi :)

Today I went shopping at Target and Giant(grocery store)- armed with the coupons I had saved over the past week. Before I left the house, I made sure that I had my lists and coupons organized for my two stops. My shopping adventures went very well, especially since I was able to have some wonderful company- Julie came along with me on my shopping trip.

At Target, my original bill was $30 and I ended up paying $20- a savings of $10 with my coupons. At Giant, my original bill was $72 and I ended up paying $50- a savings of $22 with my coupons. Overall, I spent $70 on groceries, paper products, personal items (shampoo, body wash, etc), and cleaning products. I was able to save $32 with my coupons- not too bad for the first "intensive" coupon shopping adventure. I will be sure to post more about my coupon trips in the future. My goal is to eventually save more with coupons than I spend, this is another idea I got from Jodi's blog. We will see how it goes... hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday :)

I always get excited to do my Thursday post, "Thoughts for Thursday". It means two things- I can ramble about whatever I want (and hopefully you all will still read) and it means that we are only one day away from the WEEKEND!!!!! So, here it goes....

- I had to stay late at work tonight, I stayed to run a hospice volunteer training session. It was nice to see some new, bright faces that are eager to get started! We depend on volunteers to help us serve our patients and their families, so it was nice to be apart of their training.

- Lets talk about Idol! This season started off pretty slow for me, but is finally starting to pick up. I really like Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynche, Didi Benami, Crystal Bowersox, and Casey James. Tim Urban is growing on me, I really liked his performance this past week. We will see who gets voted off this week (I am actually watching it as I write this blog!)

- Now some time for LOST: what a GREAT show! Every week we learn something new. I am getting a little nervous though.... only nine more episodes left and we still have lots to learn and I still have LOTS of questions. I can't wait to see how it is going to end, but will be sad to see it come to an end!

- I am really looking forward to this weekend! Rusty and I are going out to eat with our best friends, Julie and Danny, on Friday night. We are going to try this steakhouse in York for the first time- should be a good time! On Saturday night we are heading to Holleywood Casino in Harrisburg with our neighbors. We will be celebrating our neighbors birthday! Should be a good time- I will be showing my love to the penny and dime slots!!!

- Rusty and I continue to LOVE 24- the new TV show that Rusty and I have become addicted to. We have started watching the show from the beginning- we have finished season one and two and will be starting season three soon! I can not wait.... lets see what trouble Jack is able to get himself into this season...

- On a side note, almost all of our snow has finally melted in our yard. We only have one strip left along side of our driveway. I never thought this day would come after all the snow we got!!! My heard goes out to Ashley in Alaska who is still getting more and more snow! On another side note, I can not wait for Ashley to have her baby girl!!! I can not believe that it will only be a few more days, but I am sure it doesn't feel like a few more days for poor Ashley!

I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts on this lovely Thursday evening. I came home to some exciting news from Rusty- he wants to go to breakfast tomorrow morning at Dutch Corner! One of my favorite places to go for breakfast in Manchester- it will def. be super yummy :) Worth getting up an extra hour early!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Thoughts and Prayers

This evening I ended up picking up an extra shift at Mercy for the social worker who was suppose to cover the ER. Her father had a heart attack and she needed to be with him in the hospital. Me being a nice person, I picked up her shift! It was a pretty good night until I got a page about this little six year old girl....

This girl had a pretty big impact on me.... enough to make me lay here in bed at 11:30 at night and think about her and wondering how she is doing...

She was brought to the ER by her mother, who found her crying in the fetal position on her bed. When she asked the little girl what was wrong, all she could do was cry and hold herself. Her mother quickly figured out what had happened.... this poor little six year old girl had been sexually abused and raped.

Never before have I seen something so horriable. The little girl looked so scared and just hung onto her mother for security. I can not only imagine what she was going through, but also what her mother was going through as well. I am not a mother, but I can imagine that as a mother you feel like your job is to protect your children. I am sure this mother feels like she has failed. I tried numerous times to assure the mother and the little girl that this was not either of their faults- I only hope that I was able to help and provide some sense of support and security to them. We were able to get the little girl the medical attention she needed and the police involved so that the man that did this horriable crime to this little, innocent girl can be charged! I can only hope that he gets what he deserves...

Needless to say, it was quite an emotional night. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to this little girl and her family- espeically her mother. It will be a long journey for them, I can only hope that we were able to help them in some sort of way. Please say an extra prayer for this little one and her famliy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Weekend Through Pictures!

I had a busy but fun weekend! Here are some highlighted events of my weekend through pictures!

Friday night Rusty and I had dinner at the house when we got home from work and then headed to Target. I had not been to Target in FOREVER!!!! We had to get a few things for the house and a birthday present for our niece, Ava. Her first birthday party was this weekend... pictures to come later in this blog! While at Target, I spotted a cute purse that I decided to pick up. My wonderful husband Rusty decided to model it for you all.... I hope you enjoy these "special" pictures!

Saturday I worked at Mercy- it was a pretty good shift, not too bad. I was on-call from 3-9pm Saturday night and then again 9am-9pm on Sunday. I was hoping for a quiet day on Sunday since my niece's birthday party was at 1pm. Go figure- I had a quiet morning and then got my first call right at 1:15pm when I arrived at Ava's party :(
I had to coordinate a pretty involved psych placement- needless to say, I ended up not having to go down to Mercy but was working on the phone (off and on) until
8:oopm. This picture says it all....this is how I spent a lot of my time on Sunday!

I was able to get some cute pictures of little Ava celebrating her first birthday!!! She is so darn cute- just so happy :) She loved our presents- we got her a "my first baby doll", two books, and a DVD. She liked the baby doll the best!!!

Here is a picture of Ava getting ready to enjoy her birthday cake with Rusty's parents!

After we got home from the birthday party, I still had some stuff to tie up with the psych placement but we were able to enjoy some episodes of 24 between phone calls!! We are totally into this show... we joke about Nina Myers and Jake Bauer all the time!!! I guess you just have to be in our little world of jokes- but hey that is what I love about our relationship :) We have four episodes left on season two and then will be moving onto season three!! I just hope that each season is able to keep us on our toes like the first two!!

My lovely little pups also took some time out of their busy day of rest to entertain us with some cute pictures!! They are so darn cute! I just wish that I was able to love as cute when I lay around the house, haha!

As we end our Sunday, we took some time to catch up on Amazing Race. We have become so hooked on 24 that we missed last weeks episodes (we were busy watching 24). Thank goodness for DVR. I am really starting to love the cowboys- they are just so darn sweet and innocent and have been able to pull off first place for two weeks in a row!!!

I hope you enjoyed my weekend through pictures! I hope you all had great weekends as well. I hate that weekends always seem to fly by and then work week is here before we know it.... but such is life, I guess!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

just about..... Wordless Wednesday :)

Flash Back Picute....

Don't judge me..... I enjoy celebrating my dogs birthdays! Snickers was two years on Jan. 1st and Sophia was one on Nov. 1st. We had a birthday party to celebrate- complete with lollipops for doggies!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Old Friends, Good Times!

Tonight I had dinner with my friend Amanda at Chili's, we had such a good time. Amanda and I are old friends from high school and its been awhile since we have seen each other. However, she is one of those friends who you can not see for a couple of months and just catch up in a matter of minutes! We always have so much in common and are able to have a good time while out. The food was also super yummy- which is always nice!!!
Not too much other fun stuff going on- just same ol' same ol' with work. I will try to think of some more fun stuff to blog about in the next few days.
I couldn't find a picture of Amanda and I on our new computer, but here is a picture of Amanda and her husband, Lou, at their wedding. I need to get better at taking pictures while I am out.... so I can update my wonderful blog :)

On a side note- I am super excited about LOST tonight, can't wait to find out more about this crazy island :) Tomorrow I head to an all day conference about death and dying- I will let you all know how it goes!