Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Pictures!

I take tons of pictures on my phone (thanks to my HTC EVO that I just love and it takes the best pics) so I thought I would update some of my favorites!

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Snickers and Sophia- best friends looking out the window!
The best dessert: Chocolate Molten Lava Cake from Chilis!!!
A couple of weeks ago, I broke my finger (long story, but I fell off of my neighbors boat getting into the water). It was pretty swollen (not just my finger, but my whole hand) for a few days and the pain was rough.... but it is all better now!
Rusty's massive ice cream sundae from Mack's- great local ice cream shop ;)
Huntington's Pre-School graduation- is he really going to be five years old in a few weeks???? My nephew is growing up :(
Puppet toys for the pups= hours of entertainment for Rusty and I ;)
Rusty works with a man named Webber who has pet goats.... well he has gotten pretty attached to one named Faith (who he saved after her mom died after she gave birth- he even feeds her with a bottle). She is just as attached to him.... she is giving him a kiss in this picture, isn't she just too cute! I think she believes she is a dog!!!
I am in LOVE with my new bag that I found on sale this past weekend at New York & Company.... love, love, love it!

Anyway....sorry for the "descriptions" being at the end of the post. I was trying to do the whole post on my phone and it got a little messed up!

Hope you enjoyed my random pictures :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Swimming!

It's the first day of summer and I am at the pool this is good :)
Thank you to my lovely co-worker for the invitation. I was even convinced by her two little kids to go down the slide.....twice! I guess I am still a kid a heart ;)
Happy First Day of Summer!!!
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Unconditional Love!

This is a story of true unconditional love- if your a sucker for romance, you might want to get your tissues ready!!
Most of you know that I used to work at an in-patient hospice unit until I started my new job about a year ago with home health and hospice. I still work at the in-patient hospice units on Saturday to help them out (yes, I know I work too much!)Well, today I was covering the in-patient hospice unit which is located at a facility which also has in-patient rehab, nursing home care, and dementia care. I was walking down the hallway today and I saw an elderly couple sitting across from the chapel, a couple that I see just about every weekend that I work. It was clear that the woman was a patient and the man was her husband. She was sitting in her wheelchair with her husband beside her, holding her hand while he sang to her.
As I passed them, the man looked up at me and smiled to say hello. I stopped and talked with them and he told me one of the most romantic stories. He shared that his wife was admitted to the end-stage dementia unit about four months ago after he was unable to care for her in their home. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Dementia about 6 years ago- he was her primary caregiver for about 5.5 years before he had to make the difficult decision to place her in a nursing home. The husband shared that he visits his wife every day and stays from 10am to 7pm when she goes to bed. They eat lunch and dinner together everyday. The husband shared that when his wife gets anxious or agitated (related to her disease) the only thing that is able to calm her down is his signing- the same thing that brought them together over 50 years ago. He shared that everyday around 2-3pm she usually gets a little anxious, so he takesvher out of the dementia unit to sing to her.
The way she looked at him when he sang to her was just magical. She is unable to remember her name, dress her self, feed herself, or even remember her children but her husband shared that when he walks onto the unit she gets a big smile on her face and she says "Hi Honey" just like she did everyday when he would return home from work.
Is this not the most romantic story you have ever heard.... simply magical and the true meaning of unconditional love. I couldn't help but tear up as he told me the story and how much he still loves his wife. His story sort of reminded me of "The Notebook" which gets me EVERY time!!!
I can only hope that Rusty and I have this same love in another 50 years!!! I learned a lot today from this special couple, I love my job!
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

If you live in Pennsylvania you know that it has been hot, humid, and muggy the past week or so- to put it simply it has been miserable!!!!
I took this picture in my car the other day- keep in mind that this was taken 20 mins after it "cooled" off. When I first got in the car it said 109! A little too hot for me, and the humidy just makes it worse! Not good for us curly haired ladies....

Thank goodness we have awesome neighbors who invited us out on their boat Friday night, it was great! Look at the view from my seat- beautiful!!
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kayaking on Codorus!

Yesterday Rusty and I went kayaking on Lake Codorus for the first time this year. It was great- the weather was wonderful, view was amazing, and it was nice to spend some quiet time together. Rusty and I are together often but usually have the tv on, laptop connected, or cell phones was nice to just talk, row, and float!!!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Snow Balls!!!

There is nothing like the first snow ball of the season! My favorite is fireball and Rusty's is pina coloda. We had a little snow ball date last night at the new local snow ball stand, which is actually pretty exciting since we have never had a stand in our town. It is even solar powered, their slogan is "snow made from the sun". Pretty cool, huh?? Ahhh, welcome summer :)
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Hershey Park Happy....Hershey Park Fun!!!

It has been rough returning back to work since this has made me fall behind on my blog, but better later than never.
Rusty and I headed to Hershey Park during our was so Mich fun but hot!! The roller coasters were amazing but I was starting to feel a little old after 6 in a row! My favorite was their new one Fahrenheit which you can see below.
The day was filled with rides, sunshine, laughter, screams, chocolate, smores, ice cream, memories, and of course those famous signing milk cows :)
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