Sunday, January 22, 2012

27th Birthday Celebration!

Last Saturday was my 27th Birthday.... I am a little behind in reporting my current events! It was a wonderful birthday weekend.... full of lots of fun, relaxation, and celebrating!!! I had off all weekend and Monday....a three weekend (a rare treat for me!) Rusty took off on Saturday, so we had lots of time together. We both work six days a week and every Saturday.... I am jealous of people who have off two days each weekend! Anyway, back to the birthday celebration! Friday night we headed out to dinner with Julie at Chilis for some yummy food and then to the movies to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D.... I loved it! I love anything Disney and this happens to be one of my Disney favorites.... I am a sucker for the love story :) I also was a sucker for the butter popcorn too.... not the best for my diet, opps!
Saturday we slept in and just took it easy for the morning. We then headed out to run some errands and some some shopping...I ended up with some new clothes which is much needed right now (not a bad thing since everything I have is so big!) We ended up at Chipotle at lunch, my kind of b-day lunch, I love me some Chipotle! We then came back home to relax some more and watch some tv, we are into a new TV show- Nurse Jackie. We are wathcing season one on DVD, pretty good show. We then headed out to a local coffee shop for a drink and talked about planning our next Disney trip which will be in December :) Next it was off to dinner at C & D Bar and Grille- our new favorite restaurant! It is a locally owned place with great steaks and seafood. We both got the stuffed shrimp with crab imperial- super yummmy and of course we can't forget the crab dip as an appetizer and chocolate peanut butter cake as dessert (lets just say it was not a good diet weekend!) Here is a picture of us before we headed to dinner :)
Sunday we ran some more errands in the morning (exciting trip to the Farmers Market for some veggies) and then ended up just hanging out at the house most of the day. While Rusty watched some football, Julie and I headed out to get our nails done. Thanks Julie for the b-day treat!! The best thing about Sunday was knowing that I had the next day off! Monday was spent at the doctors office in the morning for a routine physical and follow up and then cleaning the house.... still it was a good day off! Hard to believe that I am 27 years old.... that means only three more years to the big 30!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Ugly" Sweater Bowling Night!

Rusty and I headed out to lightening bowling at our local bowling alley with some friends Saturday night(several of Rusty's co-workers and Julie our best friend came along). The guy who planned the whole event requested that everyone wear an "ugly" sweater, it was a good time.... funny to see what everyone decided to wear. The whole concept oif lightening bowl was fun, lights were turned down and they had the music up loud.... a first time for us :) Rusty and I made a trip to the good will to find our "special" sweaters as like to call them.... you can see pictures below, how do you think we did..... they are pretty ugly, right?
Rusty and I
Julie and I
The Whole gang, minus me (I was taking the picture)..... please note Rusty's pose, I have NO idea what he is doing!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pork Fried Rice, Healthy Syle!

Rusty and I made a new recipe the other night, it turned out pretty good!! We also had a lot of fun making it, rusty got off early so we actually got to cook together! The kitchen was full of music, dancing, and of course cooking :)

It was pretty easy to make and you don't need much, just whatever veggies you have around the house.

Here is what we used:
1.5 cup brown rice (follow directions on the box)
2 pork chops cooked and then chopped
1/2 yellow onion, sliced
4 carrots, chopped
Broccoli chopped

Cook veggies until tender, season with minced garlic, soy sauce (low sodium), and pepper
Once veggies are tender mix rice and meat together with the veggies and let simmer. You can add more soy sauce to taste if you like

It's that's easy, super yummy and healthy :)
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals!

I have enjoyed reading everyone's goals for the upcoming year. I thought I would go ahead and share some of my goals for the upcoming year. I had to think hard about these goals.... I have been working on one of my big goals for the past 9-10 months (my weight loss) but I knew that I could come up with some other goals along the way.... plus it would be fun to have them "written" out here on the blog, so that I can check next year on how well I did on my goals. My Goals: 1. Continue my weight loss journey... I have lost about 75 pounds so far and have about 25-30 more pounds to go! 2. Get back into working out five days a week (something I have been slacking on since the holidays) and maybe join a local gym to work on weight lifting 3. Blog at least weekly, hopefully a little bit more. I have become a very bad blogger.... so this is something that I hope to improve on (thanks for reading even when I forget to blog in over a month!) 4. Meet new friends, become more "social" with my community.... I am not sure if this is the best way to word this goal but I miss being involved with groups (like I was in college, so I would like to join some sort of community group or organization) 5. Be more budget friendly.... Rusty and I are both quilty of spending unecessary money and would like to become better at this. Sure, we are able to pay our bills each month and are not suffering by any menas but it is always nice to save more money when able, even if it is just to use it for fun stuff like Disney :) Just joking.... I think ;) What are your goals for the near year????