Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Pictures!

I take tons of pictures on my phone (thanks to my HTC EVO that I just love and it takes the best pics) so I thought I would update some of my favorites!

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Snickers and Sophia- best friends looking out the window!
The best dessert: Chocolate Molten Lava Cake from Chilis!!!
A couple of weeks ago, I broke my finger (long story, but I fell off of my neighbors boat getting into the water). It was pretty swollen (not just my finger, but my whole hand) for a few days and the pain was rough.... but it is all better now!
Rusty's massive ice cream sundae from Mack's- great local ice cream shop ;)
Huntington's Pre-School graduation- is he really going to be five years old in a few weeks???? My nephew is growing up :(
Puppet toys for the pups= hours of entertainment for Rusty and I ;)
Rusty works with a man named Webber who has pet goats.... well he has gotten pretty attached to one named Faith (who he saved after her mom died after she gave birth- he even feeds her with a bottle). She is just as attached to him.... she is giving him a kiss in this picture, isn't she just too cute! I think she believes she is a dog!!!
I am in LOVE with my new bag that I found on sale this past weekend at New York & Company.... love, love, love it!

Anyway....sorry for the "descriptions" being at the end of the post. I was trying to do the whole post on my phone and it got a little messed up!

Hope you enjoyed my random pictures :)

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