Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Birthday Weekend Mini-Vacation!

My 28h Birthday was the 14th and Rusty arranged for a little mini-vacatin to North Carolina. It was so nice to just get away for the weekend and RELAX!

We left on Friday (the 11th) to make the six hour drive to Lucama, NC where we were staying with our good friends Alex and Freddy. We took our time getting down there, making a couple stops along the way.

Friday evening we went out for Italian food..... yummy pizza and then for some frozen yogurt. That night we spent just talking and making up for lost time.... we all share a love for Disney, so there is never a dull moment in coversation :)

Saturday we headed to the Smithfield outlets to do some shopping, we found some goodies and of course had an awesome lunch at Zaxby's. I always feel like I eat ALL weekend we go to NC, I can't help it.... I have to eat all the food that I can't get in PA!

Saturday afternoon I spent some time reading and took a two hour nap.... I rare event for me, but much needed. We then headed out to eat at El Tap for some yummy Mexican food. I thought we were just going as the two couples, but Alex arranged for a suprise birthday dinner with my friends from college. It was so GREAT seeing everyone.... it has been too long. Here is a picture of everyone at dinner, thanks again to everyone who took time to come to dinner!

We then headed back to Alex and Freddy's house to hang out and play some games, we found a newlywed game online which turned out to be a good time, Ha!

Sunday morning we headed back home but not before we got our fix of Bojangles.... yummy in my tummy (so wish there was one of these in PA!) We then met Kati and Billy outside of DC for lunch, it was good catching up.... it also had been too long since we hung out!

All in all, it was an awesome weekend followed by Monday off for my actual birthday. We met yup with Julie and Danny for lunch at Red Lobster and then just hung out/relaxed at home... nothing too exciting but very relaxing, which is just what I was looking forward to!

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