Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!

Wow- woke up to a winter wonderland this morning :) I knew they were calling for snow, but I was not willing to believe just how much we were going to get until I could see it with my own eyes. Well this morning I could see it! By 7am this morning we already had about 6 or so inches. The snow continued to fall throughout the day and even picked up around 12noon. It finally stopped snowing around 6 or 7pm, but not until we got about two feet of snow!!!! I feel like I am living in Alaska with Ashley (love and miss you Ashley!!!) The snow looks so pretty outside, but it was not fun trying to keep ahead of the snow by shoveling four times throughout the day!!! Not to mention the poor doggies- the snow was about a foot and half taller than them!!! We had to carry them to our driveway and clear a spot for them to potty on the driveway. I would have to say that they looked pretty darn cute in their little doggy jackets (hey, I didn't want them to get too cold or snowy!) We took some pictures of them, but I am not sure how they will turn out on the computer. I will post some if they are good :)

I was actually suppose to start my first day at Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) today..... but that did not happen. I accepted a weekend social work position at GBMC a couple of weeks ago. I will be picking up a few shifts here and there on the weekend. Call me crazy, but I seem to get bored on the weekends so it will be nice to be able to pick up some extra shifts. GBMC is about an hour from my house in MD- so getting down there from PA would not have been fun or safe. Rusty did not make it to work either.... but I would say that he made up for his time today on Friday night. He was so busy at work that he ended up staying until 11:45pm on Friday night- he was able to make it home right before the snow started!!! We ended up spending the whole day hanging around the house with the pups- laying around, eating, cooking, and watching Christmas movies and of course LOST!!!

I would have to say that Rusty and I are pretty much addicted to LOST, especially the season we are watching right now- season five! It is sooooo good! It makes me very excited for the last season to come on in Feb. Season five seems to be doing a good job of filling you in on what happened with the characters both before and after they ended up on the island for the first time. If you have never watched LOST, I would suggest you do!!!! Make sure that you start from season one in order to fully understand what is going on!!

Well, I guess that is enough about my snowy day!!! I hope everyone else had a good day and weekend! I can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner- CRAZY!!!


  1. Your 2 feet has nothing on us--you gotta come to Alaska and experience it for yourself, which I recommend you doing very soon :o) Miss you too!!!

  2. I bet my two feet looks like a dusting for you guys!!! How much do you have now?

  3. monica-yay for a blog. i just did 2 udpates. i'm going to try and update it more regularly this year!