Sunday, January 24, 2010

Way Too Much TV.....

I know that I have not written a blog update in some time.... so today as I was sitting in the recliner watching TV with the laptop on my lap, I decided that I would do some updating to my blog site. I started off by updating my profile information (that I never did when I started this whole blog thing). One of the questions that the profile section asked was about movies- I started to list some of my favorite movies and realized that I have more favorite TV shows than movies!!! After starting to list all of the TV shows that I watch it became very obvious to me that I watch way too much TV (hence the title of this blog....)

I thought that I would share with everyone else just how sad that my life has become by listing all of the TV shows that I keep I attempt to keep up with on a weekly basis!!! Before I move onto the list, I want to put out one BIG disclaimer!!! Before I married and moved in with Rusty I only kept up with one show- Greys Anatomy. Rusty was always a big TV person, while I never had any time to watch TV... I always busy studying for either college or grad school.

However, all of this changed when I finally finished with school and Rusty introduced me to the world of reality shows!!! Thanks to him, I am now a TV junky :)

Here is a list of TV shows that I enjoy watching....
1. Amazing Race
2. Big Bang Theory
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. Accidentally on Purpose (when I am able)
5. American Idol
6. Biggest Loser
8. Army Wives
9. Real Housewives of New Jersey
10. Survivor
11. Greys Anatomy
12. 24 (just started watching Season One on DVD)
13. Office
14. Little Couple

I know, I know this is very sad.... is anyone else this bad??? I would love to hear from others who are this addicted to TV or just to hear what shows other people enjoy watching!! I guess I also need to mention that I enjoy watching reruns of The Golden Girls (all time favorite TV show) and 90210 when I am able!!!

Until next time...byebye!!!


  1. Here are a few you could add to your list--ignore the ones already on your list!

    1. Desperate Housewives
    2. Extreme Makeover Home Edition
    3. Keeping up with the Kardashians
    4. Kendra
    5. The Bachelor
    6. American Idol
    7. Teen Mom
    8. Cougar Town
    9. Mercy
    10. Eastwick--I think this one was taken off TV :o(
    11. Grey's Anatomy-duh
    12. Little Miss Perfect
    13. Real Housewives of Orange County
    14. 90210-the new one
    15. Melrose Place-the new one

    Sounds like I'm as bad as you, and will only get worse in the weeks coming up while Jason is gone!!! :o(

  2. oh my god- I just got into the Bachelor, I forgot to add that to my list! I knew I was forgetting some. Thank god for DVR- where would my life be without it!!!! Miss you

  3. My List:
    2)Private Practice
    3)Jersey Shore (haha-too bad the season finale was last week)
    4) The Bachelor
    5) Amazing Race (coming again soon)
    6) Survivor (coming again soon)
    8)Teen Mom
    9)American Idol

    We DVR everything!