Monday, March 19, 2012

Healing Time!

I am recovering from my surgery and have had a lot of time on my hands! My surgery was a little bit more involved than what I was thinking.... a lot more pain, pressure, and larger incision than I was hoping for but at least I am on the mending side. I had the surgery last Wednesday and was hoping to return to work today but will be out a couple more days than planned. The first few days were VERY rough.... lots of pain and pressure. The surgery didn't go as well as planned. They were hoping to go in and remove endometriosis which they thought was building up in my cervix. When they went in for the surgery they were not able to find any endometriosis in my cervix, instead it is behind my uterus and possibly involved with my colon too :( Not a very good outcome from the surgery- they were able to cut and remove some pain fibers which have grown from the edometriosis so the surgery was not a complete waste. They also took a biopsy of my uterus since it didn't look "normal"- I am still waiting for those results. I will have to see a GI doctor for more tests regarding my colon and develop a plan with GYN doctor on how to proceed. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers, I am nervous about the outcomes. I have been doing a lot of laying around, watching tv, and napping. I tried to read some, but always found myself falling asleep- I think I have the pain medications to thank for that! Speaking of, I need some good reading recommendations- any ideas? I promised that I would include a picture on this post- haven't been up to taking many pictures but I did have these two cuties to hang out with while I was recovering. Not to mention a lot of help from the best husband and Julie who came to sit with me while Rusty had to work! Thanks for all the cards, texts, and goodies- they have been much appreciated!

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  1. oh no Monica. I am sorry about your surgery. Glad you are feeling somewhat bettter. Read the hunger games....they are AWESOME!