Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random Post- but At Least I am Back!!

It has been over a month since my last post. I have just been in a blogging funk.... I don't know what to write about anymore. I am open for blog suggestions, just leave them in my comment section :) But here is a random blog filled with all of the random thoughts in this wonderful hear of mine! - We have been some birthday junkies seems like a lot of our nieces and nephews were born around the same time of the year. Last weekend we had Alex's first birthday party, this weekend was Ava's third birthday party, and this coming weekend will be Luke's fourth birthday party! Super fun times with the family but I have had to "just say no" to the cake and ice cream at each party!!!!!! - Speaking on saying no to the cake and ice cream, I am still working on the weight loss. It has officially been one year since my "lifestyle" change of eating healthy and working out! I am down about 90 pounds, about 20 more to go!!! These last few pounds are slow, but I am determined!!! - Who else was super depressed that they were not able to attend "One more Disney Day"??? Magic Kingdom being open for 24 hours straight, I know I was super sad that I had to miss leap year day in Disney!! I hope they plan to do this every Leap Year, if so I am planning my trip in four years. - I have been having some medical issues know the female kind. Unfortunately, things are not getting better and I have to get surgery. I will get my surgery date at my appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday. I am nervous about the surgery but hopeful that it will help to correct some things and help my pain/discomfort and fingers crossed will not reveal any other problems! - Rusty and I have started to watch Nurse Jackie on DVD. We have finished Season one and two and are working on Season three now. We really love the show, she is very witty. She makes you really like her personaly, hard to remember that she is a drug addict! - We got an invitation for a wedding of one of my friends from college and guess what.... it is at the beach!!! I am excited for a trip to the beach in NC this summer :) - I got my first gel manicure yesterday, I love it so far. Makes you nails so smooth, thick, and hopefully the color will last a lot longer than a regular manicure! Well I think that is all the random thoughts for now.... I promise to add some pictures next time :)


  1. oh no sorry about the surgery. hope everything is ok!! =)

  2. I'm sorry to hear you have to have surgery
    :( I hope it goes well. Good job for your weight loss!! That is amazing!! Things you can blog about: your dogs and yummy receipes that you've made. xoxoxo