Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Is In The Air!

Its official, the Christman house is ready for fall! It is our favorite time of the year and this weekend was a perfect time to prepare for this wonderful season! We have had wonderful weather this weekend- sunny, cool, and breezy just like a perfect fall day!

Today Rusty and I went out to a local pumpkin patch to get our fall decorations. I wish I had my camera while we were there (but I forgot it at home) because this little pumpkin patch was so darn cute!! We will definitely visit again next year, they had a wide selection and the prices were great. We got everything for $20 dollars, which I thought was a pretty good deal :)

If you look closely in the window to the left you can see little Sophia looking out at her Mama! You can click on the pictures to make them bigger if needed.

Another view- if you look closely in the door you can see little Snickers looking out at his Mama- they are never too far from me or Rusty :)

Close up- after putting everything together I have decided that we want to get another mum to sit on the corner, perhaps maybe a yellow one?

Indian Corn- one of my favorites, the colors are so pretty!

I was working in our new office on some computer stuff for work and I caught these two little sweet pups looking out the window at their daddy cutting the grass! Snickers and Sophia are also ready for fall/Halloween- their shirts glow in the dark too! At night it looks like a little pumpkin and ghost running down our steps haha!

Speaking of our new office- here is a picture of the progress so far. We still need to get a comfy chair for our reading corner, hang some pictures, and get some more lighting in the room. But here is a sneak preview so far....

Rusty and I plan to spend the rest of our evening watching Greys Anatomy- we are catching up on last season, so far it is really good! I think I am most excited about having two days off (Sunday and Monday) with Rusty. Tomorrow is our two year anniversary and we will be spending the day together, Rusty has some surprise plans which should be a good time :)

Until next time, enjoy the fall weather!!!


  1. Happy anniversary - hope ya'll have fun celebrating! Your decor is perfect for this fall weather :)

  2. Your fall decorations look great and I love the holiday shirts for the fur babies!
    Happy Anniversary!