Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!


I have never been much on dressing up for the holiday but I love this time of year and giving out candy to the little kiddos! I love to see all the costumes and the little kids eager to say "trick or treat" and see what kind of goodies you are giving out ;)

Rusty loves to dress up, so he really doesn't understand why I am not really into it.... but that's ok! Last year he dressed up as a human Pez Dispenser (it was great- you can see pictures here I did this post to show what is really important in my husband's world- haha j/k

Although he has decided not to dress up this year he has seriously thought about being a "depressed cowboy fan" (although this relay wouldn't be a costume, sadly it would be reality). Poor Rusty is having a hard time accepting the outcome of his poor Cowboys and of course his favor QB Tony Romo!!! It was pretty bad this past week- I was starting to get worried about him.... he is doing a little bit better. I told him he would just have to take things day by day.... it is a true loss for him
:( He still tells me that he might put on his Romo jersey and a brown paper bag over his head! If he does.... I will be sure to take some pictures for your enjoyment :)

Rusty and I are going to just hang out the rest of the evening and wait for the kiddos to come. We are going to carve one of our pumpkins (a tradition we started two years ago on Halloween) so we can enjoy the pumpkin seeds while we pass out candy! Pictures to come....

Here is a picture for your enjoyment (the pups of course, ready and waiting for the fun to begin):

Have a great rest of the weekend and HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Christman's :)

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