Sunday, May 22, 2011

All Good Things Must End.....

Well vacation is over as of 8 am tomorrow morning for me and 6am for Rusty......we are very sad!
We went from these happy faces from above to very sad faces laying in bed soaking up our last few hours together of freedom.
We had a great time off, it was nice hanging around the house with the pups, getting stuff done, doing little day trips, and just relaxing!!
Vacation was full of fun memories: decorating our guest room, Hershey park, Teresa Guidice book signing, gettysburg day trip, shopping, lots of food eating, Dexter watching, time with friends, movies to see the new pirates movie, found a new favorite Mexican restaurant, and much more.
I will do more specific posts this week, but for now I must go and enjoy my last few hours of VACATION!!!!
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  1. But at least you had a "sweet" ending! Ha!

  2. glad you enjoyed your time off. counting down until I'm out for a few weeks for summer!