Friday, May 13, 2011


I am officially on vacation as of 4:30pm. I have enjoyed my first 31 minutes :)
I have the next 9 days off.... I don't know if I am going to know what to do with myself! I am used to working 6 days every week with a crazy on-call schedule and I am TIRED.... I need a break.
We are just staying around the house and doing some stuff around the house (fix up a guest bedroom, garden, etc) and a couple of day trips here and there. We are going to Hershey Park which I am super excited about!!!
I don't know how much I will blog while I am off, but I will be sure to share our fun when I return from VACATION!!!!


  1. hershey park happy! :) enjoy! you deserve it.

  2. awww thanks Jesse, wish we could see you guys during our vacation!!!

  3. ahh enjoy it! i'm at the end of my 2+weeks off and i'm trying to soak up these last few days :) it's been SO nice!!!

  4. I bet Berrin.... I cant wait to see more wedding pictures!!!!!