Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Need Some Help....

Ever since our trip to North Carolina, I can not get the wonderful taste of the home made guacamole out of my mind! If only the Mexican restaurant was close.... I would definitely be there tonight.

The guacamole was the best that I have ever had.... in fact I never really even like it before! It has chunks of tomatoes and onions, so good!
Does anyone have a good guacamole recipe they could share with me?? I feel like an addict and I have a feeling I will need a "fix" soon!! haha

On a side note, I helped my friend Alex make a blog while I was visiting NC. Check out and follow her blog here!


  1. We used to make guacamole until we discovered "Wholly Guacamole". We can find it at some groceries and not other so you may have to look around. It doesn't have whole chucks of tomatoes and onions in it but it is very good! It's in the produce section in a green box. Oh goodness, I may have to go get some now... yum!!

  2. We will have to give that a try.... I guess you could always add the tomatoes and onions!