Monday, July 25, 2011

Sweet Southern Comfort!

Rusty and I had a long weekend visiting friends in the North Carolina! We had such a great time, the weekend just simply was not long enough!!! We headed down to the south on mid Friday afternoon after Rusty got off of work around 10am. It was a long ride down, complete with lots of traffic in northern VA (Rusty and I keep saying that we have to find a new route down!) Any suggestions are welcomed :)
We stayed with our friends Alex and Fred, thanks for the invitation and hospitality. The weekend was full of lots of eating (way too much eating....) and lots of time with friends from college that I have not seen in a long time! The food was wonderful- El Tap for Mexican food (the best guacamole which they make right at your table), Zaxby's for awesome chicken, Sonic for ice cream (way too many times in one weekend), and of course Bojangles :)

Here is a picture of what our guacamole looked like, I forgot to take a picture before we ate it all! I have never liked guacamole, but this stuff was WONDERFUL!

Saturday evening we went to a wedding celebration for Berrin and Judson, a good friend from college who had a private beach wedding a couple of months ago. It was a hot evening, but a great time. It was such a fun themed party and the host was great! Here are some pictures from the evening, it was great to see some of my favorite friends from college :)

Alex, Jodi, Lindsay, and myself

Rusty and I

Alex and Fred

Rusty and Fred

Alex and I

The girls plus the Bride, Berrin!

Bright, fun flowers!

Sunday we went to Berrin and Judson's house for a welcome home party for Kati and Billy who have been in South Korea for the past two years (for Billy's work). It was so great to see Kati times with great friends once again. The food was great.... everyone brought a little something to share which was great since I came away with some good ideas! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Pretty table for the party!

Ashley and I

Kati and I

All of us girls!

After the party, we went to see little Paislee, she is just too darn cute! She is a little over one years old but she is so cute! She even knows the sound and "hand motion" a crab makes!!!!

Ashley, Alex, Paislee, and Myself

Rusty and Paislee

Fred and Paislee!

Paislee loves the car, she says "beep beep!"

Of course all great things must come to an end! We had a great weekend and thankfully it was not too bad of a trip back home. Traffic was great and Rusty and I kept each other company in the car haha! Here is one last picture from the weekend....driving home. We were excited that we made it to the halfway point in Richmond!!!

Now it is back to the work week....


  1. looks like a wonderful time. you two are the cutest couple ever. that guac looks amazing!!! xoxo

  2. yay for a post with lots of pics!! it is always fun to reunite!!=)

  3. haha, I try to add pictures when available haha!