Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Weekend Recap!

Rusty and I had yet another busy but fun weekend! We both work just about every Saturday, so that only leaves Sunday for us to have a little fun! Please enjoy our weekend fun through these fun but random pictures!!

Saturday night Rusty and I made an awesome dinner on the grill! Pork Tenderloin with pineapple and roasted veggies (green peppers, onions, squash, and potatoes). It was soooo yummy and Rusty's idea, I have to say he is a very good griller!

We finished Saturday evening off just right..... with a trip to our local ice cream shop! They have the best black raspberry soft serve ice cream, it is to die for! I am not even that big of an ice cream lover, but this stuff is amazing!!!

Sunday was my nephew's 5th birthday party! It is hard to believe that Huntington is five years old already!!! His party was so cute, pirate themed!

His cake was awesome! It was a cupcake cake, so good!

I got him a monster truck that looked like a shark, he loved it! Its always nice when your gift is a big hit!!!

Huntington got a mini 4-wheeler for his birthday, he is in LOVE! He did a lot of showing off around the yard.... he looks so big!

Three sisters! Amy in the back (my middle sister) and Jenny in the front (my oldest sister).... that leaves me in the middle as the baby :)

Early Sunday evening Rusty and I headed out on the boat to Lake Meade with out neighbors.... a nice relaxing ending to the day!

Overall, it was a nice weekend. All good things must end, so it is off to start another work week. But not until I finish watching my guilty pleasure.... New Jersey Housewives! These women are crazy, but I love the drama :)

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  1. looks like a lot of fun! the ice cream does sound delicious!!! :)