Sunday, January 22, 2012

27th Birthday Celebration!

Last Saturday was my 27th Birthday.... I am a little behind in reporting my current events! It was a wonderful birthday weekend.... full of lots of fun, relaxation, and celebrating!!! I had off all weekend and Monday....a three weekend (a rare treat for me!) Rusty took off on Saturday, so we had lots of time together. We both work six days a week and every Saturday.... I am jealous of people who have off two days each weekend! Anyway, back to the birthday celebration! Friday night we headed out to dinner with Julie at Chilis for some yummy food and then to the movies to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D.... I loved it! I love anything Disney and this happens to be one of my Disney favorites.... I am a sucker for the love story :) I also was a sucker for the butter popcorn too.... not the best for my diet, opps!
Saturday we slept in and just took it easy for the morning. We then headed out to run some errands and some some shopping...I ended up with some new clothes which is much needed right now (not a bad thing since everything I have is so big!) We ended up at Chipotle at lunch, my kind of b-day lunch, I love me some Chipotle! We then came back home to relax some more and watch some tv, we are into a new TV show- Nurse Jackie. We are wathcing season one on DVD, pretty good show. We then headed out to a local coffee shop for a drink and talked about planning our next Disney trip which will be in December :) Next it was off to dinner at C & D Bar and Grille- our new favorite restaurant! It is a locally owned place with great steaks and seafood. We both got the stuffed shrimp with crab imperial- super yummmy and of course we can't forget the crab dip as an appetizer and chocolate peanut butter cake as dessert (lets just say it was not a good diet weekend!) Here is a picture of us before we headed to dinner :)
Sunday we ran some more errands in the morning (exciting trip to the Farmers Market for some veggies) and then ended up just hanging out at the house most of the day. While Rusty watched some football, Julie and I headed out to get our nails done. Thanks Julie for the b-day treat!! The best thing about Sunday was knowing that I had the next day off! Monday was spent at the doctors office in the morning for a routine physical and follow up and then cleaning the house.... still it was a good day off! Hard to believe that I am 27 years old.... that means only three more years to the big 30!!!!

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