Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals!

I have enjoyed reading everyone's goals for the upcoming year. I thought I would go ahead and share some of my goals for the upcoming year. I had to think hard about these goals.... I have been working on one of my big goals for the past 9-10 months (my weight loss) but I knew that I could come up with some other goals along the way.... plus it would be fun to have them "written" out here on the blog, so that I can check next year on how well I did on my goals. My Goals: 1. Continue my weight loss journey... I have lost about 75 pounds so far and have about 25-30 more pounds to go! 2. Get back into working out five days a week (something I have been slacking on since the holidays) and maybe join a local gym to work on weight lifting 3. Blog at least weekly, hopefully a little bit more. I have become a very bad blogger.... so this is something that I hope to improve on (thanks for reading even when I forget to blog in over a month!) 4. Meet new friends, become more "social" with my community.... I am not sure if this is the best way to word this goal but I miss being involved with groups (like I was in college, so I would like to join some sort of community group or organization) 5. Be more budget friendly.... Rusty and I are both quilty of spending unecessary money and would like to become better at this. Sure, we are able to pay our bills each month and are not suffering by any menas but it is always nice to save more money when able, even if it is just to use it for fun stuff like Disney :) Just joking.... I think ;) What are your goals for the near year????


  1. great goals for 2012 - maybe there is something similar to junior league in PA where you get to do some volunteer work & social events with one group? happy new year!

  2. happy new year monica!!! you are looking great!! is there an alum chapter in PA you can join?