Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Ugly" Sweater Bowling Night!

Rusty and I headed out to lightening bowling at our local bowling alley with some friends Saturday night(several of Rusty's co-workers and Julie our best friend came along). The guy who planned the whole event requested that everyone wear an "ugly" sweater, it was a good time.... funny to see what everyone decided to wear. The whole concept oif lightening bowl was fun, lights were turned down and they had the music up loud.... a first time for us :) Rusty and I made a trip to the good will to find our "special" sweaters as like to call them.... you can see pictures below, how do you think we did..... they are pretty ugly, right?
Rusty and I
Julie and I
The Whole gang, minus me (I was taking the picture)..... please note Rusty's pose, I have NO idea what he is doing!!!

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  1. I swear my mom used to own a sweater similar to the one you bought :) I sure do hope these kind of sweaters never come back in style! sounds like a fun night.