Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Work Adventures....

Hello All :)
I write this blog from my desk in the emergency room where I am working tonight. Every once and awhile I will cover the evening social work position at a hospital in Baltimore- it keeps my life interesting (to say the least). This evening has been pretty good- not too crazy. I always end up leaving with a new appreciation for the life that I am able to live!!!
When you work as the evening social worker you are responsible for covering the Emergency Room and the rest of the hospital- it can get very busy some nights!!! Whether it be helping the mentally ill, drug addicted, teen mothers, abuse victims, homeless, or elderly- the evenings are always filled with something good!! Even though the evenings can sometimes get very busy and crazy, I enjoy doing the work. There is something very rewarding about helping those who are less fortunate. Some of these people have never had someone who is truly there to help them and just seeing the appreciation in their faces makes everything worth while!
This evening, I was fortunate enough to have a rather calm evening. I helped a homeless person get some much needed medication and get to a shelter (on this very cold evening!), helped an elderly man get into hospice care, and assisted a police officer who had been injured on the job! Overall, a pretty slow evening at the hospital! It allowed me some time to blog to all of my favorite blog readers (all three of you haha).
I hope you enjoyed- now it is time for be to get out of the Baltimore City and back into rural PA :) Byebye for now!!!!


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