Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I Hate Driving in the Snow!!!

I hate several things- rude people, micro-managers (hmm, I don't know any of those...), and people who don't take care of their animals- but that I will save that for another blog. Today, we are going to talk about driving in the snow. I want to make one thing clear- I don't hate driving in the snow because I am scared or worried!! I hate driving in the snow because of how dumb people act while they are driving!!!!!!!!!! If you live in northern MD or southern PA, you should at least know how to drive in a couple inches of snow!!!!
I was at work on Saturday afternoon when the snow began to fall- the weather man was not really calling for too much snow, but then again they are never right! I got all my work done at the hospital and left around 4pm. It took about ten minutes to clean my car off and then I was on my way. We had about 5 or so inches on the ground- not really THAT bad! However, you would have thought that we were driving in blizzard conditions!!! People were driving at about 10MPH and slamming on their breaks every time they went down a hill or hit a large patch of snow!!! Now, I am not saying that I am the best driver out there (because I know that I am NOT) but I think most people should know that slamming on your breaks while going down a snow covered hill is not the best idea!!! These same people then freak out and go about 5MPH when their car slides all over the place from them breaking down a snow covered hill, not to mention that it makes everyone else behind you have to do the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then there are the other people who think that they are so cool in their 4-wheel drive SUV's and trucks that they think it is necessary to go like 70 and 80MPH and slide all over the place!!! I don't understand why people can't just take it a little slower (not TOO slow) and drive like normal people!!! Last but not least, why do people think its a good idea to play on their phone and/or i-pod in these weather conditions??? I am sorry to say, but you are just asking for trouble!!!
All in all, it took me about two hours to get home (should have taken about 50minutes). However, I got home safe and sound..... only to find out that at my house we only got a dusting!!!! Sorry for all the negative thoughts- just had to get it out there for all my loyal blog readers ;)


  1. haha-yeah people up there should know how to drive in the snow. we have an excuse down here...we aren't used to it! =)

  2. hahaha- I sure do remember that Jodi! I remember my first year at Barton and we got about 2inches of snow and we were out of school for like a week!!!! It was a lot of fun, but crazy- would never happen up here! Miss you!

  3. So truer words have never been spoken!!!! We were on the way to and from the Polar Bear Plunge and it took us hours to get home because of everyone around us. So frustrating stay home or drive right!!!