Friday, January 29, 2010


I was trying to think about different topics that I could blog about and I kept coming back to this one- probably because of the peer pressure I got from Ashley :) Anyway, Rusty and I just recently went to Walt Disney World for my birthday! We were there for about a week and had such a wonderful time!!! When we were there for our honeymoon (October, 2008) we became Disney Vacation Club members, which allows us to go and stay in any hotel at Disney for free (we just use our vacation points). It is a pretty sweet deal- not only can we stay at any Disney resort but there are also about 500 different places we could go all around the world and use our points. So far we have just been to Disney, but we plan to travel all over soon!
But enough about the vacation club- lets talk about our trip to Disney! Like I said, we went down for my 25th birthday! We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge Resort- it was very nice! Our only complaint was the bed was a little hard for our liking!

Here is a picture of our resort- it was very nice! Made you feel like you were in the middle of the wilderness!

We went to all the parks- Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. Although I enjoy all of the parks, my favorite park of all time is the Magic Kingdom. Just so happens that is where Rusty proposed to me as well. We were eating dinner up in Cinderella's castle and he popped the big question- complete with a glass slipper!!! Some of my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom include space mountain, splash mountain, pirates, haunted mansion, and peter pan :) Another all time favorite of mine is the fireworks over the castle- nothing completes a day at the park than watching Tinkerbell fly over the castle and then the show of lights that follows!

Not the best picture, but here is the castle during the start of the fireworks, it is suppose to look like two shooting stars. The theme of the fireworks was "wishes".

Some of my other favorite rides include Rockin Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios, Soarin at Epcot, and the Kali River Rapids and Expedition Everest at the Animal Kingdom. It was a great time for us to visit Disney World- there were hardly any lines so we got to ride all of our favorite rides over and over :)

Here is us with Belle in Epcot, one of my favorite Disney movies- Beauty and the Beast!

Another great thing about Disney is all the good food you get to eat. We ate at some of the best restaurants!!! We ate at 50's Prime Time Cafe which has the best pot roast and smores dessert. We ate at an awesome Italian place- Mama Melrose which has some awesome food! We ate at this place called Ohana, which had some very good Hawaiian food- including grilled shrimp, pork, beef, and turkey! Those are just some of my favorites- lets just say we did not go hungry on our vacation!!!

Here is one last picture for your enjoyment!!! Happy Disney Memories :)


  1. Yay! Finally :o) Can you use those vacation points in Alaska?? haha....Weston rode the tower of terror and space mountain when they went in Dec for his FIFTH birthday and he LOVED them--that's my tough boy :o) I like Soarin and the smell of the oranges when you fly over the napa valley :o)

  2. yay Monica for finally getting a Disney post!!! Is that all the pics we get? Sounds like yall had fun! I'm scared of rides...I just can't bring myself to ride them! haha!