Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Recap through Pictures!

What an interesting weekend! Between not feeling so good, being tired/excited from my work week at my new job, planting flower, to having a little sick puppy dog!
Hope you enjoy my weekend through some pictures :)

Snickers, Sophia, and I spent the day on Saturday resting, trying to feel better. Sophia and I were not feeling so well (not sure what was wrong with Sophia- I think just an upset tummy- she is feeling better now!) Snickers kept us company and caught up on his sleep as well!

Sunday we spent most of the day planing some flowers- we had already gotten the flowers, so we knew we had to get them in the ground before they started to die on us!! We still have to mulch (which will hopefully happen sometime this week) but I think things are looking nice. We did our front flower beds and some planters for our front step and back deck. Enjoy!

(please don't mind Rusty's shoes.... silly)

All said and done.... we finished planting our front flower beds, four pots for our front porch, and two flower pots for our deck! It was a lot of hard work.... but worth it! Can't wait to mulch and make it all come together!! Have a good week :)

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