Sunday, May 9, 2010


I am so super excited for tomorrow- my first day at my new job. I feel like a little girl getting excited for school to start for the new school year :) I will let you all know how it goes.... should be a fun first week!

On a side note- I had a great weekend! Off work on Friday- did some shopping with Julie and had some much needed girl time. Saturday I worked for the day and then went on a date wtih Rusty to get some Mexican food and then came home to finish the rest of 24- season four. Sunday, Rusty and I slept in until 10am- something we have not done in a long time!! We took the pups to get groomed (they look so cute) and while they were getting groomed we ran some errands. After we picked up the pups, we went to see our momma's for mothers day with the pups! Then it was time for dinner and some Amazing Race- bedtime soon :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend :) More to come about the new job this week!!!!

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