Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DWTS- Who Do You Think Is Going To The End???

Tonight is Dancing With The Stars.... we will find out who is going to the finale!!! I am so excited :)
This is a new show for me- just started watching last season. I have enjoyed it so far this year, my two favorite are Jennifer and Kyle (just because he is so much fun to watch!)

Who do you think will make it to the finale and be able to dance one more night for us???

Personally, I am hoping it will be
1. Jennifer
2. Kyle
3. Brandy (even though she gets on my nerves- she is good!)

I have no idea how poor Bristol is still on the show. She is not terrible but I think there were definitely people who were better than her that have already been eliminated!!! I guess we will see what happens tonight!!

Leave a comment (if you watch the show) on your predictions on who you think should win!!


  1. Can you even BELIEVE who is in the finals? I sure can't, this proves it's all about popular vote.

  2. I'm glad with who is in the finals. Obviously Jennifer is there, and SHE knew that she would be from the beginning. Can't stand her!

    I think Kyle or Bristol should win because they came in with no previous dance experience and have greatly improved throughout the season :o)

  3. I agree- I think it does have a lot to do with popularity and who is voting!! I am still hoping for either Jennifer or Kyle to win!!! We will see next week ;)