Wednesday, November 10, 2010


You either love it or hate it!!! I am hating it right now.... too many problems at once!!!
I know I have been MIA lately in the "blog world" but I think this post will help to explain why- haha

In the past two weeks, I have had some bad luck when it comes to technology! Don't get me wrong- I love technology, but these past several weeks have tested my patience!!
It all started off with our laptop breaking (which is what I usually blog on while I am watching tv, hence the lack of blogs the past two weeks!)Somehow the spot where you blog the charger in broke off (inside the computer) which made us not be able to charge the laptop. We are in the process of getting it fixed- but its not as easy as what you would think. The only good thing that came of our laptop breaking was that we finally got a new desktop computer (something we needed for some time- I am in LOVE!)

Then my cell phone started acting up- its not broken and I can still use it but it gets so slow and freezes up every couple of days. I need to make a visit to sprint and get it checked out- I am pretty sure I would die if I had to go without a phone for a few days... haha

The next thing to go was my work laptop (which is essential for my job and documenting my patient care). I work from home a lot (which is just easier sine I make home hospice visits than going into the office). Thank goodness the computer guy at my job was able to fix my computer in a few days (thank you Charles!)

Finally, the last piece of technology that broke was BOTH of our Direct TV boxes at the SAME time. For those of you who know me, know this is a BIG deal (espeically with all these great fall shows that are on now). Direct TV must have known that this kind of thing would send me over the edge and sent someone out to replace our boxes within 1 1/2 days!!

But come on..... how much more can a girl take??? I hope "technology" is done playing jokes on me and this will be the end of my list!!

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