Sunday, November 21, 2010


Just what the doctor ordered..... finally a totally relaxing weekend :)
I can not tell you the last time that I did not either work on Saturday or have tons of stuff to do on the weekend. I was actually suppose to work this Saturday but do the unit having a low census, I got cancelled- which was such a blessing! I needed a break, bad ;)
I stayed up late Friday night just laying in bed and watching TV. We got our Direct TV boxes replaced since we were having problems with them and now we have DVR upstairs in our bedroom. I LOVE it!!! I am secretly addicted to the Game Show Network and the new box allows me to DVR all the good games (you know, $25,000 Pyramid, Lingo, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and The Newlywed Game) and watch them as I am laying in bed. I am really into this whole new process- I have been going to bed way too late this whole week (but I really don't care- its bed fun!)
I slept in on Saturday (something I love to do but rarely get the opportunity to do). I spent the whole afternoon just relaxing around the house, watching TV and hanging out with the pups. Late Saturday afternoon I went out and got my hair done (colored and trimmed) and did a little shopping! I decided (kind of last minute) that I would get my hair colored, jut to try something different. I went darker for the winter season and I love how it turned out! Its always nice to do something different and new!
Saturday evening, Rusty and I went out with Julie and Danny to dinner and a movie. We tried this new place in York called Crimson! It was really good, I think we will definitely return for a second visit sometime soon. We followed it up with a movie- great night with great friends!
That brings us to Sunday. Another day to sleep in- this has been a great weekend ;)
We ran to the grocery store in the morning and got some stuff for dinner. I put together dinner, I am making pot roast in the crock pot! Chuck roast, potatoes, carrots, and onions- pure perfection! We use Rusty's mom's recipe and it is always so good! Here is a picture of it cooking away, I will try to take an "after" picture and post that as well.

The rest of the afternoon is going to be spent just laying around and watching the Cowboy game with Rusty. I might catch up on a little documentation for work or clean a little around the house, but who knows! I don't want to mess up my perfect, lazy weekend!!!

I think I forgot to mention that our new chair and half arrived to our house! We put it in our new office, here is a picture (not the best, but somebody in the house LOVES the new chair!)

I hope you all had a great weekend- I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week! Wow, did this year fly by.


  1. i wanna see a pic of your hair!! like the new chair!! i am dying for a relaxing weekend....i don't see one in my future until after christmas...haha!

  2. sounds like a great relaxing weekend! I went to the christmas tree shop and found a great door mat - thanks for the suggestion :) Sadly, there were so many people that we didn't get to browse as much as I would have liked, but I was glad to find at least one thing - check out the blog for the pic of it. Hope the rest of Sunday was relaxing - great way to prepare for the Thanksgiving week ahead!