Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Christman Construction

Well if you know much about Rusty and I, you know we are not the most handy people! Our microwave keypad shorted which would have cost just about as much to repair as it would to get a new one. We decided to get a new one so it would last longer. Our microwave is the kind that goes over the stove, the built- in kind.
So Rusty and I headed to Lowes picked up a new one and came home on Sunday and replaced our microwave! I was so proud of ourselves....we did it together and it only took us an hour! We even had to use some power tools- ha!
I took some pictures to capture our big accomplishment, Rusty got a good laugh when I said "hold on I have to take some pictures for my blog!"
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  1. great job!!! - when we had to replace our over-the range vent, we may or may not have had some minor electrocution :) fortunately, we had a friend that came over and helped rob because I was no help.

  2. way to go! we aren't handy either...