Friday, April 8, 2011

I am Alive....

I have been MIA for several days.... I am sorry! I have been super busy....picking up some extra shifts and on-call, working out, and just staying busy with "life". But.... I am back! Nothing really exciting has happened the past week.
I am still working really hard on my diet and exercise. I am happy to annouce that I have lost 40 pounds! I am still very excited about the whole adventure and have recently been getting into some new workouts.... which I will share on another blog post.
I have to work tomorrow.... another extra shift but then I have off on Sunday! I am looking forward to this upcoming week.... four day work week for me and then we are heading to North Carolina for the weekend! I am super excited about seeing my college friends and sorority sisters.... it has been way too long! I am sure there will be a post to share all the fun memories!!
Now it is time to watch some Dexter.... Rusty and I LOVE this show! Have a good weekend :)

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