Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I am dreaming of.....

One more day of work left for this week and then we are heading to North Carolina on Friday to see some pretty great friends!!!
I can not stop thinking about everything that I am looking forward to...... getting away for three days with my wonderful husband and all the fun things that just scream NORTH CAROLINA!!!!

Bojangles Cajun Chicken Biscuit with French Fries and Sweat Tea (so not on my diet, but oh my..... so good!)

Sunshine and Warm Weather, taking the road trip down 95 with the top down and the music blaring!!

Spending some much needed time with my fabulous sorority sisters from college.....

Eating at the best Mexican Restaurant in the area.... Chicken Fajitas here I come!!

Sweat Tea, Sweat Tea, and some more Sweat Tea!!

Celebrating Fred's 25th Birthday in style....whatever we do, I know it will be tons of fun!

Overall, it is going to be a great weekend escape.... great food, fun, and seeing friends that live way too far away. I only wish I got to see them more often!


  1. have a fabulous time! safe travels. :O)

  2. you are great! hoping to see ya'll & enjoy some of these wonderful southern thannggss :) safe travels!