Friday, August 5, 2011

"It's Me Mario...."

Rusty and I are having a wild and exciting Friday night here in the Christman house, Ha! Not really..... it has consisted of making dinner on the grill, working out, and now playing some Super Mario Brothers 3 on the Wii!
We really didn't feel like getting into too much tonight....we both have to work tomorrow and I am on-call all weekend so playing Mario Brothers seemed like a good idea to us both! I loved playing when I was younger, so its nice to travel back to your "younger day" memories! I become super competitive, but we still have lots of fun! My favorite is when Mario says..... "It's Me Mario!" haha

Rusty had a little "friend" who wanted to also sit and play..... look how cute little Snickers is!!

Meanwhile, Sophia is just laying and relaxing! They have both actually had a pretty traumatic couple of days! They both got double ear infections- at the same time! Lucky me.... they did not sleep for three straight days, I am so not ready for babies!!!! Sophia's infection in her right ear was really bad, it was even full of blood (poor baby). I think they are both starting to feel a little bit better, but still sleeping more than usual! Thank goodness the medicine is helping them sleep at night!

Well I am off to kick Rusty's butt in mario brothers 3! Until next time....

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  1. sounds like a super fun friday! i loved playing mario bros 3 with my sis back in the day! :)