Sunday, September 11, 2011


I think we all remember exactly where we were when the world changed that September morning. For me, I was in Greek mythology class when someone from the office came into our room and whispered to our teacher. The look on his face told me that something was very, very wrong.
I was 16 when all the events took place, I don't think that I fully understood everything that was happening but I knew it was not good and that things would never be the same....
A local town near us put together a memorial for 9/11 called "The Healing Field". It was absolutely amazing..... one flag for every person who passed away on that day. A note card was attached to each flag providing information on the person including their name, age, location, and information about the person. They also included cards of local service men/women who have died in war.
There were people of every age, race, culture, etc. The stories were so touching.... I was not able to read every card but read many of them. All the stories were touching, but some stuck out and really pulled at your heart strings.
- A mother and father which were on their way to their son's wedding when the plane crashed
- A set of parents who just adopted their 3 year old boy and were on the plane bringing him home for the first time
- A 80 year old lady who was making a major life change- moving across the country with her daughter to spend more time with her during her last years
- A man who booked an early flight when he found out his wife was in labor with their first child, he never got to meet his child
- A 24 year old girl just landed her dream job in the world trade center on the 105Th floor. She reported for her first day which was 9/11
- A man on one of the plane's was on the way to claim his son's body who died in a head on collision on his honeymoon

I could go on and on.... there were so many touching stories. All of them were.... very sad and I know something no one will ever forget.
The sight of all the flags was simply amazing.... hard to believe that the flags that just seemed to go on and on forever should have been faces standing there as people.... not flags.

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