Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wow... What A Savings!!!

As some of you might know, I have troubled by car troubles the past couple of months!
It went a little something like this:
1. New Breaks (not really trouble, just routine work but still a cost)- about $500
2. New Tires- about $600
3. Broken Fuel Relay (which was causing my car to sometimes not start...not fun!)- $500
4. Broken Temperature Cage- $220
5. Transmission slipping.... not exactly sure of the cause at this time, my car is still in the shop- cost to fix this problem is going to range from $280-4,000 (please pray for the lower cost!!!)

All of these repairs have occurred within the past several month. Numbers 3,4 and 5 have occurred within the past 2 months. Needles to say, I have been a little stressed about my car and the amount of money we are pouring into it.

I was really stressed out yesterday when I heard the news that my current problem might be because my whole transmission is going up.... I cried and cried. I love my car, but just not sure if I am ready to pour that amount of money into it!!!
My wonderful husband assured me that everything was going to be OK and we would just have to wait and see what happens.... after all, besides praying and hoping there is little that we can do to control the situation. Gosh.... sometimes he is so right ;)

I decided today to look into our monthly bills to see if it was possible to save a little money, after all it never hurts to save! I am proud to announce that I was able to save about $165 each month just by doing the following simple tasks:

1. I merged out auto insurance policies together (something that I should have done right after we got married but just kept putting it off). This saved us about $90 each month- yes!!!
2. I contacted our cable provider (Direct TV) which we have been with since 2008 and talked to them about lowering our monthly payment for being a loyal customer. They were actually very nice about it (it also helped that our contract was up for renewal this month). We received $30 off each month plus the best part.... the hubby got his NFL Sunday ticket back..... for FREE! Double YES!!
3. Changed our Internet provider from Comcast (who was charging us $69 a month for high speed Internet, a total rip off because we don't have any of their other services) to Verizon for $45 less a month (same Internet speed)

Who would have thought that these simple phone calls could give you that much savings each month??!!
Try it for yourself, you never know what you could be saving! Keep me posted if you get any good "deal"!


  1. I'm a fan of finding good deals! We have Progress Energy & they have a program that is free to enroll in which they actually cut back on your energy use when you're not active at home. It's kind of creepy that they can measure it, but it's saved nearly $75 each month on our energy bill (40-50%)!

    Hope your car comes out on the low end. I'm not looking forward to when our cars start breaking down (knock on wood) - my camry is 10 years old.

  2. that is great monica. John called a few months ago to reduce our cable bill too!