Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sleepover Fun!

Our nephew, Luke, had a sleepover at our house for the first time this weekend. Rusty picked him up after work on Saturday and we took him back home on Sunday morning. I am not sure who was more excited about the adventure.... us or Luke, haha!
Saturday we went to the park to play (poor Luke sat in some water on the slide, but still had fun) then we headed to Chick-Fil-A for dinner (boy can he eat- 5 chicken nuggets and he is only 3.5yrs old). We then headed to the grocery store to pick up some snacks and juice boxes and then headed home to make our fort!
We ended up setting up a fort in our family room (pretty easy to make thanks to the couch cushions, dining room chairs, and bed sheets!)Luke loved the fort, he kept forgetting the word "fort" and would call it a cliff- ha!
We watched 1/2 of Toy Story from inside the fort until Luke told us that he was tired. We were not sure how well he would sleep, but after we turned off the movie he turned on his side and closed his eyes. He never woke up again until 6am the next morning (a little early for me, but he did great!) He loved sleeping in the fort and the pups loved having him around, especially Sophia! She didn't let him out of her sight the whole time he was over.
The next morning we watched spiderman cartoons from the fort, ate breakfast, and played with the pups.....then it was time for him to head back home. We had a great time and are looking forward to more sleepover dates!!
Enjoy the pictures fror our adventure!!!


  1. so fun! what a great aunt and uncle he has!

  2. looks like fun! we kept my nephew this weekend too!