Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I can't stand stress.... and I stress often!!! I have been having a lot of car troubles over the past couple of months and my car went back into the shop this morning. I thought it was going to need a new valve body (which is like the brain of the transmission, per my mechanic) but I got a phone call today from my mechanic who shared that my car might need a WHOLE new transmission!!!! Ahhhhhhh, could this come at a worse time????? 23 days before we go on vacation.... not exactly how I wanted to spend the money we have saving for our vacation!!!
For now, the mechanic is going to try to change my transmission filter and fluid and see if that will actually fix the problem (please pray for me that this will do the trick!) If not, it sounds like we will have to replace the whole transmission.....
it hurts my stomach to even type that!
I love my little Volkswagen beetle but today she is not behaving and she needs to readjust herself!!!

Please say a prayer (or two) that changing the transmission fluid will fix the problem!!!
Thanks for listening to my vent, it has been a bad day :(

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  1. aww that sucks! i've heard that VW don't always the best engines- they are good cars but only when they want to be :/