Sunday, August 8, 2010

Suprise Date Night :)

Rusty and I both had to work on Saturday (no fun) but Rusty had a wonderful surprise for me when I came home that evening. He told me to go get ready because we were going on a date! It is always fun to have a date night, especially a surprise date night which he planned all on his own!
I took a quick shower and we headed out on our "adventure". Rusty didn't want me to know where we were heading, so we took a lot of back roads which was great in my car with the top down! The sun was setting on our drive, so it was a wonderful drive with the hubs!

I have to share some of the gorgeous pictures I was able to get on our drive!

I love living in the country- back road rides are always so relaxing and romantic!

This is the only picture that Rusty and I took together for the evening- please don't mind my wind-blown hair haha :)

After our relaxing ride, Rusty surprised me with dinner at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse! It was sooooo good! We have not eaten there for well over a year, so it was a nice surprise. The food was amazing and the chef show is always good!

Onion volcano with fire!!

My plate- they give you way too much food! Good thing Rusty was there to help me out ;)

It was a wonderful night! We followed up Saturday night with a great day on Sunday- we got a lot of things done around the house, along with some shopping at Target for our new living room we are working on and grocery shopping! Overall, a good a weekend :)

**Update on Snickers: Snickers is doing pretty good, much better than my last post! He is still taking his anti-biotic and we are still hoping and praying that his x-ray will be clear when we return to the vet in 2 weeks! Thanks for all your comments and concerns about our little guy!!**

Just because this is too darn cute, I have to share! Rusty was laying on the floor in the family room, reviewing his fantasy football picks (which he did today at 6pm- football is starting- help me!)while Snickers enjoyed a little nap!!!


  1. What a lovely date!! He seems like the romantic type. =] I love the pictures you took. I have never lived in the country but loved to visit back in my hometown where it felt like being in te country. =]

    I hope Snicker gets well soon!!

    Have a lovely week!
    PS. Thanks for coming by and Im assuming you're a bookworm too?? What do you read?

  2. Your food looked DELICIOUS! Glad you had a great surprise date - how nice! :D Have a super week!

  3. Their food is so good, glad you had a great night!

  4. What a great way to celebrate each other.

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