Thursday, July 29, 2010

A little Secret About My Husband.....

He collects......wait for it, wait for it.....PEZ!!!

Yes I did say Pez, don't worry I made that face too when I first heard about this interesting collection. He started
this collection when he was a junior in high school. I asked him tonight why he started his collection and his response was..... it was a cool little toy and it came with candy! Gotta love my hubby ;)
I had no idea just how big PEZ collecting was until I attended a PEZ Convention (yes, I know I am a good wife) in Myrtle Beach! They called themselves Pez Heads and I have never seen so many people obsessed with Pez in my whole life!!!!! And prolly wont.... both Rusty and I agreed that Pez Heads are just a little too weird (even for my pez obsessed husband).

Here is Rusty's collection (which is currently being held in the basement). Yes.... just count the number of containers..... all full of PEZ!!!!!! I must be the best wife in the world because I have actually agreed to allow him to build a pez room in our basement when we finish it. It will include his collection, which is full of anything PEZ!

I can't believe I am sharing this picture.... but this is one of Rusty's proud accomplishments! He made this outfit to look like a pez dispenser... he wore it last Halloween while we handed out candy. However, the kids were not really sure what he was... most of them thought he was a robbot :) Poor Rusty, he tried so hard!!

The whole reason I thought about his whole Pez collection tonight is because he made me stop at Chuck E Cheese tonight to get this little guy...

There is also a Pez muesam in CA and all the Pez candy which is made in the US is made in a factory in Conneticut... who would have known. My husband know feels very proud of himself for teaching you all a little something about PEZ :)

Hope your enjoyed! Feel free to share what you or anyone you know collects, I would love to hear all about it!!


  1. Haha! I love it! My husband collects cell phones. Can you imagine, forking out hundreds of dollars every time Verizon comes out with a new phone??? At least his Pez habit isn't quite so costly.

    I'm following you back from Make it Work or Do Without

  2. I'm speechless, really! I had no idea there were that many pez dispensers in the world!

  3. Got to love hubby obsessions! Mine loves hot wheels, although he has gotten a lot better.

  4. Oh Pez - I remember trying to collect them once, but only so I could eat more candy - ha :)

    And I'm currently destroying our linen closet - I took off the louver door & track so that it is exposed, then realized the shelves could be about 8 inches longer, so took those completely off - patching the nail holes and repainting the entire thing ... hoping to either figure out how to make shelves or hire someone to do it for me :) Not so creative, but creating more useful space for all of our linens that are scattered!

  5. I remember people collecting Pez in middle school! But he certainly does have quite the collection. The things we put up with from our men ;)

  6. Oh too funny - Have you seen the Seinfeld Pez episode? My hubby is obsessed with Seinfeld. Found you at Mingle Monday. I will be following!