Sunday, July 25, 2010

I can't believe I am Saying This....

My friend from high school, Amanda, is having a baby boy this September and I attended her baby shower this afternoon (before heading to work). It was at a local Italian restaurant, great food and company.
Here is my friend Amanda- she still has seven weeks to go, hard to imagine how she is going to grow anymore! Funny how cute a pregnant belly looks :)

Cute cake and decorations- I loved the floating ducks in the flowers, super cute idea!!!

Diaper cake.... I have always wanted to learn how to make these, anyone have any ideas?? I think they are just the cutest present to bring to a shower. Baby Leo definitely got spoiled at this shower!!!

And then I fell in love with this little cutie! Her name is Grace Marie and she is just toooooooo cute. I know this might be hard to believe, but it made me think.... maybe I want one of these sometime soon! But then I started to hear her mom talk about her crying episodes at night, lack of sleep, crying for no reason, and constant care that she requires..... and then I go back to my usual thoughts- no babies for me for at least three to five more years!!!! Sophia and Snickers are just going to have to learn to let me hold them like this.....


  1. I make diaper cakes as baby shower gifts when I can. They are easy to make and super cute!

  2. LOL :)
    I love the name Leo and Grace is so precious!