Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scentsy Candles :)

I have to blog about my new favorite household product!! My friend Ashley is now selling these products and I always wanted to give them a try. They are great to use and smell wonderful. They are flameless candles, so no need to worry about smoke or open flame in your house.

I got a plug-in warmer for my foyer and a warmer which is in my kitchen, between the two of them they have my house smelling great. I have another warmer coming which will go up in our bedroom. I can't wait!!!!
If you are interested in these products, leave me a comment and I would be happy to give you my friend's website :) They would make great presents and wonderful for anyone who wants a nice smelling house!!!
Here is a picture of the warmer I got- enjoy! I ordered two scents along with my warmers, go-go-goji (which is like a Chinese berry, sweet lotus, and strawberry) and lucky in love( which is like Mandarin orange, peaches, and berries- it smells just like love spell from Victoria Secrets). I am currently using go-go-goji for my downstairs (kitchen, family room, foyer, etc) and lucky in love will be used in my bedroom when my second warmer arrives! Thanks Ashley for the wonderful products- I LOVE them ;)

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  1. I may like to get a candle girl, when you have a booking~