Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Past few weeks through Pictures!

I have been a little slack on sharing all the fun things that have been going on in my life. I thought I would do a blog post to update you on on my life :) Enjoy!!

My god-daughter/niece, Hannah, got baptised! I forgot my camera for the service, but was able to snap a picture of the present Rusty and I got her. A little piggy bank- I thought it was just precious!!!

Rusty did some painting in our house this past weekend- Snickers was his little helper :) Sorry for the picture of Rusty's backside, but I thought it was just so cute how Snickers sat right beside him!! He is definitely a daddy's boy ;)

Rusty and I have been taking advantage of our deck out back and wonderful view! It is just so relaxing, especially when we have a gorgeous sunset like this to look at!!

I am not huge on sweets, but what girl doesn't like Chocolate Peanut-Butter Pie??? Unless you are allergic, and in that case I am VERY VERY sorry!!! Had this wonderful piece of pie when we went out with our neighbors for a fun night of trivia at a local restaurant! We won first place, four brains is definitely better than one!!

Tonight's dinner- I am in the process (as I blog, I am talented haha) of making a chicken stir-fry! I love all the fresh veggies during this time of the year!!! I will be adding some grilled chicken to the veggies and serving it over rice, should be pretty yummy!

Then it is off to get my haircut with my best friend Julie!!! Should be a fun time, a nice to catch up on some good drama :)


  1. dinner looks delicious and I love that picture of the sky! Rob is applying to ophthalmology residency programs, so assuming he matches that is what he'll do :)

  2. I shouldn't have read your post on an empty stomach! ;-)
    That piggy bank is adorable!

  3. That pie looks sooo yummy! Thanks for following me! I am now following you back :)

  4. I'm in love with that sunset!!!