Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Changes....

For those who follow me on facebook as well saw that I posted this the other day...

"Big, Big changes are coming and I am actually pretty excited about it!"

I left it very open ended which left a lot of people wondering what I was talking about! Oh course everyone automatically thought "she must be pregnant".... why is it that people automatically think that? I guess after you have been married a couple of years that is just what people think and expect.....anyway back on topic!

I was going to keep my big change to myself for awhile but have decided that I am going to go ahead and announce it. It might not be too exciting to many people, but I am really excited about it. I am sure you are thinking.... get to it already, so here it goes!

I am working on several differnt lifestyle changes in order to become more healthy! I have been talking about wanting to do this for a long time and now I have finally taken the plunge!

I am doing several different things but the two biggest are....

-cutting down to taking in only 1,500 calories each day
- becoming more active, working out at least 5 times each week

I was going to wait to announce my "change" until after I saw some progress but I am actually really motivated and wanted to share with you all! I am hoping to actually post some of my thoughts, meals, and work out ideas on here and would love to hear your ideas well.

Stay tuned for more updates on this journey.....


  1. keep up the good work :) the end result is SO worth all the hard work & dedication!!!

  2. good for you!! this was actually my guess for what the change might be...are you doing weight watchers?

    Berrin is so right--the end result is so worth it! good luck!!

    don't know about the working out part though...haha--I could never get motivated about that. It was much easier for me to control my caloric intake!

  3. I am not doing weight watchers.... just watching my caloris intake. The working out part is not too bad.... I am actually doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. It is only about 25mins long (so it fits into my schedule) but she kicks your butt during those 25 mins!!!

  4. I was just going to recommend the Shred - I love it when I do it! One of the nurses Rob has been rounding with recently has been doing it for nearly a month now (along with a modified diet seemingly similar to what you're doing) and has lost 10 lbs :) Good luck! I find having someone you're accountable to helps out some, but you definitely have to be self-motivated too!

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