Sunday, August 7, 2011


We have had some crazy weather here in Pennsylvania the past couple of days/weeks. Some wild, crazy storms have been coming through and causing some damage in the area. The ironic thing is, we have gone several weeks with no rain at all. Our yard is starting to look like a dessert, so I am thankful for the rain just not the crazy storms!!
The other day we had a really wild storm come through, with some crazy wind! I thought that our house was going to blow over! Luckily, our house stood still but we did encounter a little bit of damage to the outside of our house. Nothing too serious, thank goodness!
Some of our siding near our bedroom window was misplaced and our rain gutter was damaged from the high winds- crazy!

Unfortunately, our local high school was not as lucky as far as damage is concerned. The high school is just right down the street from our house, and it looks like a small tornado came through.... check out these pictures of the trees the wind took down. These were all mature trees....

According to the weather forecast, we have another 4 days of rain/storms. I don't mind the rain but I get a little scared of the storms.... two things that I am scared of in this world- thunder storms and birds!!! HaHa
Well, the weekend is over. Thank goodness for me, I was on-call all weekend and I am always happy to go off call :) But not too happy to start another work week....


  1. Glad there wasn't anymore damage to the house girl!

  2. me too! Have you been by the high school to look at the damage in person, its crazy!!