Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust.....

Another One Bites the Dust..... and some other random Saturday thoughts!

What a wonderful Saturday! Even though I spent most of the day getting work done, it felt good to be so productive. Sophia got me up at 7:30am this morning- obviously Sophia didn't catch on to the fact that it was the weekend and that her mommy could sleep in!! After I took the pups out to go potty, I figured I would just stay up and start my day. I had lots that I wanted to get done, so maybe it was a good thing that Sophia was my little alarm clock!!

I started off the day by catching up on facebook, blogger, and emails- while watching some re-runs of Big Bang Theory. If you have never watched this show, you should check it out. It is wonderful and so funny. I am def. a fan of Penny and Leonard, I really hope they don't break up for good! I guess we will have to see what happen this Monday.

After catching up on the Internet world, I started my cleaning. My house needed a good cleaning from top to bottom, so I decided to call it a "spring cleaning". It always feels so good to have a nice, clean house. I was just happy to get it all done today, so that tomorrow Rusty and I can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

While cleaning the family room, I found some interesting dog toys.... actually I should say some poor dog toys. Sophia is currently in this bad habit of trying to get the squeaker out of any plush toy.... she will not stop until she gets the darn thing out. I knew that she had gotten a couple out... but until I went through all their toys (which I have to admit is WAY too many) I never knew exactly how many had been attacked by our little girl.....
Here is a picture of SOME of the toys that she has attacked (hence the title....another one bites the dust). Please remember that this is only SOME of the toys.... unfortunately there are more. I am open to any ideas on how to stop her from this bad habit.

Shortly after I took the picture above, I walked into the family to find Sophia into their box of toys looking for her next victim...

Meanwhile, poor Snickers just stands and watches Sophia attack their toys. I am sure he is thinking "Mom, can we please do something about this crazy girl!!!!"

I took a mid day break from cleaning to meet my friend Danny for lunch. We had Five Guys.... totally not healthy at ALL, but it was sooooo good!!! I then ran to the grocery store to get the ingredients to make Oreo Dirt Pie. It is actually very easy to make (only three ingredients- oreos, chocolate pudding, and whip cream). Here is a picture of the final product (a little hard to see, but its soooo good).

Lately I have been trying out my green thumb and have been attempting to grow some violets. I am happy to report that my violet is doing very well. It is quite shocking to me.... since violets are hard to grow and I don't really have much of a green thumb! Maybe the Tri Sigma in me is trying to show its side :)

Our friends Amanda and Lou are going to be coming over this evening to hang out! We have not seen them in awhile, so I am super excited. We are going to have dinner and dessert (oreo dirt pie). It should be a good time for all!

Anyway, thanks for reading about my Saturday. Sorry for all the random thoughts. It has been awhile since I have done a blog post, so I thought I would make up for my lost time!!! I hope everyone has a good weekend. Tomorrow, Rusty and I are going to downtown Baltimore to meet some friends for lunch at a Mexican Restaurant- yummy!


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