Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday!

Here are some random thoughts just floating through this little brain of mine ;)

1. I live for days with nice, sunny weather where I can drive with my top down and/or sit on our back deck! Nice way to work on my tan and get some fresh air!!! What a wonderful way to refresh your mind and soul.

2. I hate to admit it.... but I got into yet ANOTHER show! I am now into watching Dancing with the Stars. I know, I know.... I do not need to follow another show, but I couldn't help myself. I hate to also say this next thing, but its true. Pam Anderson is actually doing pretty good- she is a good dancer and very believable!

3. I am really starting to get excited about starting my new job, I can't seem to stop thinking about what it will be like. At the same time, I am really not looking forward to my last day at my current job (May 6th). I am so bad at saying good bye.... never fun :(

4. I LOVE my little puppies- they always seem to make me smile! Just look at their little faces...

5. Rusty and I had Mexican food last night- it was so yummy! We love some Mexican food :)

6. Last Wish- I had one of the best experiences today at work! We had a patient who was admitted for symptom management (she was having uncontrolled pain). When she was admitted (over the weekend) she was alert and oriented and able to hold full conversations with the staff. She has pancreatic cancer and it is known to take people pretty quickly, but she was very unfortunate in the fact that she declined very quickly. She went from having full conversations with her family on Monday to becoming minimally responsive on Wednesday. Her family shared that she always wanted to die at home. Once they saw that her pain was managed and that her death was imminent, they wanted to take her home. On Thursday, I worked with our nurse practitioner to get her home. We were not even sure if she would be able to survive the hour transport home, but it was evident that we had to try. Even though she was minimally responsive, all you had to say was the words "going home" and she would start trying to move her legs in the bed (like she was trying to get up and go home). It was pretty amazing. We were able to arrange everything at home for her and was discharged this afternoon to return home. When the ambulance crew came to pick her up and she was being lifted onto the stretcher, the transporter whispered in her ear that everything would be alright and that she would be home soon. The patent's eyes opened and a smile came to her face and a tear came to her eye. This just confirms to me that no matter how responsive a person is, they maintain their ability to hear. It was truly a magical moment- not a dry eye in the room! On a positive note, the patient made it home safely and will be able to have her last wish of dying at home. I truly love hospice care, it teaches you so much about life and yourself!

7, On a "lighter" note.... tomorrow if FRIDAY!!!! Yay for the weekend :)

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