Friday, April 9, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday!!

Thank you Andrea for this wonderful blog idea :)

Fill In The Blank Fridays!

1. The strangest thing I've ever eaten is: Pickled Pigs Feet- at my college orientation. Actually a funny story, I was picked to participate in the "fear factor" show they were having. I ended up having to share pickled pigs feet with my partner, Bobby- my stomach turned when I saw them!! Thank goodness I had a good partner who was willing to eat more than his share of the pigs feet! Every bite that I took I felt like I was going to be sick!! Needless to say we did it and ended up winning the "game"!!! Oh the college memories...

2. My best female friend is Julie and Kati! I am blessed to have Julie in my life, she lives just five minutes down there road from me and I depend on her more than she will EVER know! We have been friends since I was a freshmen in high school. We met when I started working at Miller's as a cashier- she had been at Miller's for a few years and took me under her wing!! We continued our friendship throughout the years, but recently became much, much closer! God works in mysterious ways when he led both of our paths to PA!

Even though Kati is now in Korea, she is still my number one southern friend!!! I will never forget the first day we met on the fourth floor of Hilley Hall, the first day we moved into the dorm our freshmen year. We have been linked ever since that day. She knows some of my deepest secrets....and of the memories! Numerous trips to Starbucks (in Greenville) and many late night talks in our dorm room!!! I miss her everyday and can't wait for her to be back in the states so we can plan our girls weekend :) Now if you she would just learn to update her blog more often ;)

3. If I could live in a different era it would be: wow this is a hard one! I think I would have to say the 1940's. The hair, make up, and the clothing was so neat!

4. I like spending time with: my husband, pups, and friends. Add some good TV, great weather, and sunshine= perfection :)

5. If you only know one thing about me it should be that: I am a people pleaser and I hate to disappoint people. Maybe that is why I am social worker- I enjoy helping others and making people feel good!

6. My favorite book of all time is: this is another hard one.... but I think I am going to go with (don't make fun of me.... I know this goes way back) the Boxcar Children Series! I have read every book in the series (when I was younger, of course). But I am not going to lie, I think about reading them again hahaha. Recently I enjoy books written by celebrities- you know all the books with all the good celebrity dirt- book by Kate Gosselin, Tori Spelling, etc!
I am open to new ideas for books- from the above statement it looks like I really need some good ideas!!!

7. The one beauty product I couldn't live without is: chap stick, powder foundation, and some mascara. The three thinks that I put on just about every day! Nothing too fancy, but enough to get me by :) I especially love Burt's Bees

Hope you enjoyed the post! I am working some overtime tomorrow- so no two day weekend for me :( But at least I have off on Sunday!!!!!! Have a great weekend. We are hanging out with our friends Julie and Danny on Saturday night- dinner and then who knows what else! Always a good time with the two of them :)


  1. monica-kati hasn't been gone for that's Kati-no e! hehe! =)

  2. hahaha- thanks for noticing! I promise that was just a typing mistake, I was making this blog as I watched TV haha.... thats what I get. Kati- I promise I still remember how to spell your name!!!!! I think I better read through the rest of this blog to fix some other mistakes ;)

  3. haha! you girls are too cute! thats why i miss you so much! and YES, I KNOW...I've got to work on updating this blog! it always seems like i've got something going on and that something NEVER ends! I'm going to work on it...promise! i always feel like i need to be writing something really grand especially since i am all the way over here...but maybe not, maybe i'll just post my random thoughts through out the day!! ps- thanks for the shout out rufus...i'll always be your dufus! haha! :) and jodi...they SO have your nine west wedges here at our PX in seoul...i've seen them twice now and think of you every time!