Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Resignation.... The word itself sounds scary! According to the dictionary, resignation is the formal act of giving up or quitting one's current office or position. The definition makes it sound even worse...
So why the blog post about the word "resignation"? This week, for the first time, I resigned from my current position. It was a very hard decision that I made, but I followed my heart and took a position that makes more sense for my lifestyle. I love all the people that I work with, which made my decision even harder. However, most of you know that I commute about 2.5 hours each day for work... which was really starting to get to me (after about 3 years!) One day (without even looking) I received a phone call from a previous co-worker who informed me of an open social work position through York Hospital with home health and home hospice. Since I am a total believer in FAITH, I knew that I had to at least find more information out about the position. It ended up being very attractive and just seemed like the right position for me.
Therefore, for the first time I had to go through the whole process of "resignation". Writing the letter, informing my boss, telling HR, and informing my co-workers. The hardest part being telling all my co-workers. I feel like I am letting people down- which if you know me at all is something I HATE to do! I am slowly starting to understand that I have to make decisions in life that are the best for me and not always the best for everyone else involved... it will take some time, but I am getting better!! Therefore, in this point in my life, the scary word known as resignation, doesn't mean quitting or giving up- its a way to move forward in my career and try new challenges! Wish me luck :)
Anyway, sorry for the long blog just wanted to update you all about my life. My last day at my current position will be May 6th and I will start my new position May 10th! I am super excited, I will be sure to keep you all posted!!!!!!


  1. congrats on the new position! I couldn't imagine the commute you have had. Not much new: just nannying for a family in Winston Salem while my husband is in med school. Was looking for jobs for the past year and half, realized the market was not for me and stopped looking in January ... at least until we figure out where we'll be for Rob's residency (he'll start residency summer 2011).

  2. monica-i know the world resignation all too well. i've done it twice. that's exactly how i felt when i just left purchasing to go back to teaching. i had to do what made me happy and what i wanted to do! so, good for you! how exciting!! how far will your commute be now? will you be doing the same sort of thing?

  3. congrats twin!!! so proud of you for making a stand for your wants and needs :) you deserve all the happiness in the world!

  4. Jodi- yes my new position is in the same field- hospice. I am looking forward to the change. How is your teaching position going? Thanks Andrea- I appreciate your thoughts, miss you!