Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Introducing Hannah Lynn Christman :)

Babies, Babies, Babies.... it seems to be going around!! It feels like more of my friends are either pregnant, just had a baby, or are thinking about having a baby than not.... I guess we are getting around the age range. I can honestly report that I am NOT one of these people, I am not no where near ready to have a little one around!
Even though I am not ready for a baby of my own, it was nice to be around my new baby niece! My sister in law, Jenn, had her baby on Monday 04/19/10. They named her Hannah Lynn. She is as cute as a button. Rusty and I spend the evening at the hospital on Tuesday night, we were in baby heaven :) Here are a few pictures... hope you enjoy!

Just Hanging out :)

Mommy and Hannah

Saying hello to the world!

Mommy and baby are doing great. They headed home from the hospital this morning. I can't wait to hold her again, there is nothing like a little baby!!! Hopefully Rusty and I will be able to visit her sometime this weekend. It will be interesting to see how her older brother (our nephew, Luke) does with her. I think he is going to be surprised to find out that she is coming to live at her house.... and staying!
On a side note.... I can not wait for the weekend!!!!! Two more days....

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