Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Date Night :)

Well my day started off with some bad news- my window on my car broke!!! Not fun at all, trust me. I have electric windows and then motor went bad in it.... too bad the window was in the down position when it decided to break!!!! Rusty and I had to drop off my car last evening which meant that I did not have a car today. Thank goodness I was able to ride into work with Julie- thank god for best friends :) It is always nice being able to drive into work with someone, especially someone you have so much in common with!
My day at work was super busy! Even though I got into work at 7am, it was hard to make sure that I completed everything for the day and could be ready to leave at 4pm to ride home with Julie. I did it.... sometimes I wonder how, but I did it! I enjoyed my ride home with Julie- our conversations just come so natural!!
On the way home, Rusty called me and told me that he wanted to go out to dinner tonight! Something we usually don't do on a "work night"! I am looking forward to it! Not to mention that I heard from Volkswagen that the repairs on the my window will be completely covered by my warranty :)
Yay for my warranty and date night!!!!!!
Oh, and just in case you were wondering.... out date night will be at the local Mexican Restaurant, YUMMY- can't wait!!!!!!! Hurry home Rusty.

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